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Asofy - Lento Procedere Prima Del Sonno
Sunday, February 15 2009 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Achromaticus

Lento Procedere Prima Del Sonno

Artist: ASOFY Italy

Title: Lento Procedere Prima Del Sonno

Label: Trazeroeuno Italy

Genre: Black / Doom Metal

Track Listing:

01 Esterno
02 Interno
03 Percorso
04  Infinito

Possibly the most annoying thing in reviewing underground bands is that sometimes you poke into some really interesting records which are ruined with very poor production. While listening to these kind of records, you just can't help but think that if the artist would have took the production aspect seriously, the record would've been great.

Lento Procedere Prima Del Sonno has definitely some great compositions in it and arrangements are well made. Songs are long and progressive nicely from one mood to another. Even the poor guitar playing brings some ominous atmosphere.

But the whole EP is ruined with really bad production. Why would anyone want to pan the snare drum to the right and bass drum to the left? Those machine drums also sound lifeless and in this sort of doom metal the drum groove is essential. And the guitar sound don't fit the mood at all! It's also worth of mentioning that all the lyrics are in Italy.

Lento Procedere Prima Del Sonno introduces a talented doom metallist, who instead of producing, unproduced his record. I would recommend this EP only for drum-machine maniacs (if there are any). Let's hope that Tryfar, the mastermind behind Asofy, will next time have a real drummer accompanying his brutal, yet emotional doom metal.


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