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Famine - Every Mirror Turns Black
Sunday, February 15 2009 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Perceptron

Every Mirror Turns Black

Artist: Famine Canada

Title: Every Mirror Turns Black

Label: Bugs Crawling Out Of People Canada

Genre: Breakcore / Black Metal

Track Listing:

01 cortruisse
02 seven
03 blood sacrifice
04 idle flattery
05 optical stimuli
06 i don't believer
07 renounce christ
08 hands
09 we fuck together
10 lesion powder sickness
11 konstantine raudive

Famine is from Canada and stands as a rather unusual breakcore/IDM act, for it tends to hybridize other styles, further, deeper than just as in terms of shy addition of samples.

The cover is also rather unusual from such a musical direction, for the content is darker than the cover lets us imagine... Actually, Famine seems to get inspired not only by breakcore, death metal, but also by queensryche, judas priest or mozart. Maybe such influences are may be perceived, for sure, your dear servitor hasn't been able to locate 'em. There however are many other things to say about this surprising release...

"cortruisse" begins with some kind of ambient part, made of spoken sample followed by some kind of structured eclectic electronic music,more precisely breakcore à la Venetian Snares, but with an easier rhythm. The whole is not that aggressive. Depth is given by some clear synth tun, and also some smooth. The other rhythmic patterns consist of slightly distorted beats, highly varied, with much attack. "seven" features other kind of samples, and introduce another kind of atmosphere: darker, futuristic.
Hatched samples of female voices accompany a debauch of electronic noises, in a very structured fashion. The ensemble present many kinds of sounds and doesn't repeat itself much. The breakcore is not just a touch.

The fourth track pushes forward such modifications, with distortion of pitched, stereo perturbations. The immense variety of sounds gets almost hypnotic. We aren't far from Venetian Snares, because of the breakcore almost slightly jungle (?) way of mixing sounds a lot of sounds. Some sounds may remind Pneumatic Detach, although the core of the music doesn't consist of an heavy industrial music. "we fuck together" is another Venetian-Snares-like hybrid in a more dissonant and weird fashion... "lesion powder sickness" follows the same path in a more abstract way. Like the "we fuck together", it's less interesting, after all the emotions caused by previous tracks.

With the "blood sacrifice" we face a true integration of metal and breakcore. More precisely it seems melodic death metal has been integrated and mixed with a breakcore rhythmics, replacing the drums. This adds brutality to the music, yet without masking it. Difficult to know what belongs to the original track and what is new: the whole builds a new coherent ensemble with its own identity.

There are melancholic almost gothic synths or they have been preserved, and the whole melody of the track is conserved, quite catchy, by the way. Finally, this is a true remix, with both breakcore, electronic accents and a melodic death black metal side. The main modifications to such tracks are the addition of breakcore rhythmics and a tendency to hatch / break up the melody and modify it with many effects. "i don't believer" starts with a sample, but after that we've the good surprise to find back this incredible mix between metal and breakcore. Again rather death metal or maybe some thrasher and older version is mixed with breakcore. It's far less melodic here. Even an hardcore part get invited to the party... Progressively, many sounds are added.
This is a special experience to listen to it...

"renounce christ" follows the same experimentation as both "blood sacrifice" and "i don't believer". Again death/thrash metal is merged together with breakcore. Such tracks starkly contrasts with the other more ambient, purely electronic and Venetian-Snares-like ones. These are funnier: substitution of blast beats with other kind of beats or exaggeration of their sounds, together with hatched riffs
Interesting yet short...

"optical stimuli" follows the same path as the other with a more defined ambient direction. Although the tracks always combine both ambient and rhythmic sides, this track is more relaxed, more ambient, with a melancholic gothic touch. "hands" presents this other facet of Famine, the one only consisting of breakcore electro. Here are present beautiful synths, building an emotional and melancholic background starkly contrasting with a futuristic and hatched, aggressive rhythmic.
The contrast is also interesting in terms of tempos, speed: while the rhythm is incredibly fast, the synths evolves slowly. Presence of lower beats makes it closer from electro industrial. This track is also a really successful experimentation. "konstantine raudive" exploits again dark synths, exactly like "hands". A sibylline atmosphere is created that would be dign of some Velvet Acid Christ. This track is very suitable to close this album.

For the most tracks, we may say that, Famine is close to Venetian Snares, yet not just a copy. It features many different sounds, many different kind of effects, the sound is tortured in an original and no that repetitive way. But, especially fascinating and innovative are other metal-hybridized tracks and the synths/'gothic' hybrid such as "hands". The fantasy of mixing together metal music and electronic music is largely spread. Yet, successful synthesises are hardly achieved. But, Famine is a good counter-example, for it isn't far to create a new subgenre...

If we could imagine the future of death black metal in a true electronic symbiosis, we'd quote as an example the third track. Violence melody are perfectly integrated together with electronic and technoïd rhythmic, so that neither can we speak of an electronized death metal, nor of electronic music with death metal samples. Rhythmically, it's really elaborated. Suitable for breakcore fans and Venetian-Snares-like addicts, although opened to death metal and more “gothic”/ambient synths, Famine leaves opened many expectations, especially in the further development of metal-electronic/breakcore hybridization.


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