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Sin:Ned / Nerve - Ghost Feeding Vessel
Sunday, February 15 2009 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: symbolique

Sin:Ned / Nerve - Ghost Feeding Vessel

Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: Sin:Ned / Nerve - Ghost Feeding Vessel

Label: Lona Records Hong Kong

Genre: Experimental / Avant-garde

Track Listing:

01 Ghost Feeding Vessel

This is a split release between Sin:Ned and Nerve

This split album from Hong Kong locals Sin:Ned and Nerve is a recorded performance on the eve of the Chinese Ghost Festival as accompaniment to a multimedia installation of video projection by two other artists at the Para/Site Art Space. It is a spatially haunting piece endemic to both region and intention – discernibly Asian and noticeably supernal.

The quality of the single track that sheds skin and phantasmagoria over a little less than forty minutes is to be commended for a live recording, the electronics so pristine they finely shave away all low-fi or hazed excesses yet despite the digital crystallisation is not frigid.

Intended to serve as a bridge those in this world and those in the next, ‘Ghost Feeding Vessel’ is thankfully not a dolorous drone of decay and depression for it is far too electric and chaotic. Bell chimes limn the air like the fragrance of jasmine, delicate and almost imperceptible; flutes flit and dart in Asian scale tones down to their quarters as swift as the smallest of winged birds; gongs explode showers of golden dust; even the more electronic oscillating susurrations are treated with a light deftness and inveigle the senses. Sounds coalesce and crescendo in attempt to force embrasure.

Several movements collate ‘Ghost Feeding Vessel’ with the middle section less ghostly than the lead-in as electronic glitches patter little rhythms with the sampled noise of dust. The last movement, however, seems to step away from the realms of spirits and becomes mired in an urban maelstrom of squalling frequencies and rapid and uncontrolled leaps of percussion. This detraction seems to close more than open the aperture into the formless.

The album is a limited affair, one-hundred CDr copies are presented better than the average slap-together, with a black silk-screen coated disc (quite a rarity for a CDr) and heavy gloss card in full colour. An intriguing symmetrical icon burns an optical illusion with lens flare that has your pupils dilating.


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