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Armageddal Age - Armageddal Age
Sunday, February 01 2009 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Sage

Armageddal Age

Artist: Armageddal Age Finland

Title: Armageddal Age

Label: Self Released

Genre:  Thrash Metal

01 Raging Death (Intro)
02 Re-animating
03 Armageddal Age
04 Deathfire
05 Outro

Its always a pleasure to receive a lo-fi release of this caliber on every level.  Demos like this absolutely scream of “young guys, neve band, drunk as fuck!”  This self-titled CD-R demo from Armageddal Age has been released as a plain CD-R with a small circular Armageddal Age logo sticker labeling the CD.  The album artwork is simple, black and white, and printed on printer paper.  This is as simple as it gets.

Armageddal Age play a style of thrash metal similar to the “blackened” artists of the latter thrash days when extreme metal was just coming into play, such as Venom and speed demons Dark Angel.  The sound is excellent for as bad of a recording as the press sheet makes it out to be.  The band talks of the drummer's out-of-shapeness as well as an allergy problem, and a lack or rehearsals (EVER!) prior to the recording sessions.  Though incredibly short, what the demo showcases is a band that has some speed skills and some very definitive guitar gymnastics that rival the style of the great Destruction even at their fastest, drumming included. 

The only real problem with this demo is the lack of production skills or intricate mastering.  Though the demo WAS indeed mastered, it doesn't sound like there was much polishing to be done.  This is exactly what it appears to be:  A down and dirty, gritty, filthy Finish thrash metal release, a demo that came out sounding better than most of the demo days of better known bands today, but that didn't match the quality on the outside that it could have.  Regardless, this is a band that has a bit of talent in their fingers though so if they can get it together financially enough to put out some sort of quality promo for labels and upgrade their recording equipment, they could find themselves releasing through a label like No Sign of Life or Hammer of Hate.


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