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Lions - No Generation
Sunday, February 01 2009 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Blond Adonis

No Generation

Artist: Lions United States

Title: No Generation

Label: Self Released

Genre: Indie/ Alt.Rock

Track Listing:

01 Start Movin’
02 No Generation
03 Can You Hear Me?
04 White Angel
05 Evil Eye
06 Machine
07 All Hail
08 She Gets Around
09 Witch and the Star
10 Get Out Alive

The future’s looking brighter every day as of late. Americans have been feeling giddy over the past four months, since Barack Obama, the person for whom we all voted actually “won” the election and made it to the White House. I swear, up to the time that all the “ Bushies” were packed and gone, I had this dread feeling that at the last minute - literally - Dick Cheney (who would’ve been working night and day on this) would, somehow, with no warning, have a “national security emergency” ready to explode, as it were, on Jan 19. Then, in the aftermath, the inauguration would be “postponed” meaning that Cheney, his henchmen, with Bush as their public face (What? ME WORRY?) would seize government (whatever the hell that means!) and the army would be patrolling the streets and all the backwoods-living, weapons-inundated militias in places like Montana. Oklahoma and South Dakota would start to say “I told you so!”

Anyway, let’s not worry about that right now. Let’s talk about a brand new album by Austin, Texas’s latest gift to American society: the indie, rocking band Lions and their new, full-length CD, No Generation. If you listen really close to the title track which is the 2nd song you’ll swear that you’re listening to a lost Jane’s Addiction track, but it’s just Matt Drenik, singer of Lions, doing his best Perry Farrell imitation. I found more similarity in Lions to brethren pop-rock trailblazers, The Dandy Warhols and even Weezer, than to Jane’s Addiction, which I read a few comparisons to vis a vis Lions.

To try to “turn you on” to this hip new CD let’s clue you in on some of the tracks: songs that caught my attention and caused me to put my pen down and listen more close include “White Angel”, whose guitars both complement each other and, other times they create small samples of sonic dissonance. Its slowed-down, beat-heavy sensuality is a rich, guitar-heavy wave of rock ‘n’ roll but you can’t help but hear a little of the blues seeping through this white rock record. The next track, “Evil Eye” is a rocking little ditty that has a little AC/DC to it, in the sound of the vocals and the beery atmosphere of the song, which is about the extent of the AC/DC comparisons. Then you have “She Gets Around”, which is a totally different song than “Evil Eye”; it has a clever, “L.A. hipness” to it. Finally, the ending cut, “Porch” is a slowed-down, emotive song. It’s a nice way to close an album, winding everything down like that, but still maintaining the rock ’n’ roll slant that is present throughout this CD.

Describing Lions musical style, for one thing, you can definitely say that Lions is not an Emo band, so let’s just get that idea out of the way. The way I see it, there’s really no other way to describe them except as a “rock ‘n’ roll band”; they‘re not following some “clique” of bands, not trying to fit into any particular “scene”, Lions just exist to make themselves happy and to, hopefully, develop at least a strong cult following, one that can identify with their oeuvre. There are no gimmicks on No Generation - they don’t come on stage wearing cutesy matching outfits, their style is not one of sycophantic copying (or homage) to their favorite bands/artists - influences, as they’re known. No sir, Lions have shown that there is still room in this world of sub-sub-genres to make a simple rock ‘n’ roll record. Lions are the future of rock, along with their brethren like the laconic, super-famous Strokes; moreover, though, Lions are alongside indie pioneers like Supersuckers, Alkaline Trio, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Aloha and Joan of Arc.


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