Nebelwerfer, Larrnakh, Sturmast 06-07-2008, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sunday, February 01 2009 @ 01:00 AM PST

Contributed by: Gorebatjov

Co-reported by ChAwech.

What? ; Dwaalspoor
Who? ; Nebelwerfer, Larrnakh, Sturmast
When? ;  7th of June 2008
Where? ; “de Baroeg”, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Dwaalspoor is an event that has been growing since its beginning, a few years ago. Traditionally, Dwaalspoor started out as being a dance evening for lovers of the Post-Industrial music underground, such as Neo-Folk, Martial-Industrial, Noise and Military Pop. Because few events exist within the genre in the Netherlands and its surroundings, Dwaalspoor has grown out to be quite a phenomenon in the scene. People from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany flow in to join each other for an evening of their beloved music, meeting new people and catching up with old friends. Because of this interest, Dwaalspoor was able to book artists for this event, and they did this with absolute passion. Conclusion; an amazing evening with incredible music and an ambiance that is only found at Dwaalspoor.

First to play in the evening where Dutch Noise/ (Martial)-Industrial act Nebelwerfer.  Knowing what to expect, we were amazed by their interesting set harsh Industrial. Knowing that it wasn’t to be an evening of Noise, the band seemed to have adjusted a bit to the other bands. This combined formed an excellent beginning of the evening. The band played more rhythmic than before and by the usage of different instruments, the band was able to create an ambiance in the venue, unseen before. A live trip was created by the combination of music and lighting. Exceptional to see was Louis V on his guitar, using an electronic toothbrush to make a scraping distorted sound over the electronical drums. The created soundscapes created a curtain of power beneath this which made sure everybody stayed hooked to what was happening on stage but more important; what was getting out of the speakers.

Next up where Hungarian band Larrnakh, which is another project of Sörös Gergö; driving force behind Cawatana and member of Sturmast. Larrnakh was booked quite late as it became known that Sörös would join Sturmast live. Larrnakh played an interesting but rather static set of Neo-Folk. Helped by members of Sturmast, the band did create a rather nihilistic sound where at some moments you could hear a needle drop in the silent venue. The set they played wasn’t long, but held more than enough quality to keep in mind.

Big act Sturmast took quite a while to arrive at the venue, because they took an hour of their time to visit the Dutch sea. Never seen a see before, they had huge smiles on their faces when arriving at the venue again. The live set up was very interesting. In the middle of the stage there was a huge drum, where short clips where projected on. In the back was the percussion and on the side the guitar player sat. Two big banners hung on both sides of the stage, creating a strong and militant attitude. Because their album consists of so many traditional instruments, the band needed a backing tape to create the desired sound, but that was with no loss of musical power. Sturmast played all the songs of their debut release entitled “Ibis redibis nunquam in bello peribis” and also a few unknown to us. While the alcohol was flowing thoroughly, the music became more playful and a lot of people started to dance. The beautifully projected chessboard on the drum lit up in the darkness and created a viewpoint on the music which could never be reached otherwise. A true recommendation to see live, if possible.

Having seen quite a few Dwaalspoor events, this was surely the best one until now. Only one these evenings one can see what the actual size of the Neo-Folk scene still is and what this music means to us.