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Thrown into Being - The Wild Hunt
Thursday, January 15 2009 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Sage

The Wild Hunt

Artist: Thrown into Being United States

Title: The Wild Hunt

Label: Self Released

Genre:  Folk Black Metal

01 The Furious Host Approaches
02 The Host Descends
03 The Passing of Wildgrave
04 The Aftermath
05 A Reprise

Thrown into Being, a one-man Folk / Pagan black metal project from Hawaii is a brand new baby to the underground.  Utilizing influences from both Pagan / Folk black metal and Neofolk projects, Chris Plasisance has attempted to create somewhat of an epic yet atmospheric and folky approach to black metal, with mostly (if not all) clean vocals / chants.  With a birth in 2007, there are obviously flaws to this first release which has seen the light of day only a year later, but it has its charms as well.  Note that this may also be the first, and coincidentally, the last folk black metal project that you'll see out of Hawaii, as the Island US state hosts only 18 known metal projects as it is (which, See here for possibly the most hilarious Hawaiian metal band photo ever of the 80's metal project Aaronsrod.)  As the album title would imply, the entire lyrical concept behind The Wild Hunt is drawn from that particular folktale in Norse Mythology. 

The project's main high points include a definite atmospheric appeal to the folk black metal realm without the usual over the top keyboards and alternative instrumentation.  The lyrics and the calmly chanted / clean vocals add a new and intriguing element to the music.  A lot of post-metallers have tried this but few have actually pulled the vocals back enough to make an otherwise aggressive style of music turn into something melancholic and almost peaceful voyage through the clouds and mists.   The beauty of this album is, unfortunately, interrupted by a number of problems that will be obvious to any veteran of black metal or neofolk in general.

The problem mainly lies in the production of the album.  The music itself is mostly pulled back in a way that would be akin to most raw black metal projects, but is far too melodic to really be seen in that vein, much like Bekhira or Epheles, both of whom feature this style with more harsh black metal vocals.  The guitars are far back in the mix with a very obvious and bombastic drum machine that does far too much to hurt the calmness that the music attempted to create.  While the bombastic atmosphere is welcomed, the electronic edge of the drum machine bring about an unprofessional sound and really compromise the listening experience.  On top of that, the vocals don't flow with the music, with the exception of moments in track five, A Reprise.  The vocals here are drawn out enough to where the volume levels in the production haven't put them on top of the music, and thus the effect is achieved, but they are far too highly leveled in the rest of the demo.  If they were brought back a bit, it would help and would actually bring the music to something that could be seen as Lycia / David Galas-influenced and/or much like the debut Godheadscope album on God is Myth.  This project will be something to look out for in the future as the music is fantastic and the location of the artist itself will intrigue a lot of people, but there is certainly a bit of work to be done.  A band's first demo is always the test phase though!


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