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Sarah June - This Is My Letter To The World
Thursday, January 01 2009 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Jack The Ripper

This Is My Letter To The World

Artist: Sarah June United States

Title: This Is My Letter To The World

Label: Dark Holler / Hand Eye United States

Genre: Indie / Shoegaze / Ethereal

Track Listing:

01 We lurk late
02 Dial tone
03 The illustrated man
04 Charlotte
05 Radio wave
06 My red shoes
07 Emmeline
08 I can’t help falling in love
09 Sailor in a bottle
10 If you’ll be nice
11 Jungfrau Maria
12 When doves cry

Sarah June is the alter ego from Sarah Weathers, the conjunction of space/time singularity where she imprints her dreams and releases her inner world. This debut is part of a long chain reaction of artistic creativity that dates back to her childhood when she began writing songs and playing piano and guitar and now gets summoned here in her first full length. Admirer of many famous poets, this work pays hommage to many of them in terms of lyric composition, rhythm and perspective. The work also includes an excerpt of a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks “We real cool” as a testimony of this fervent poetic spirit. Sarah June is the ultimate modern soft rock Americana example (synthesizing classic American guitar pop sensibilities with shoegazer ambiences and poetic ethereal voice dreamscapes) all this induced mainly by the furtive voice that comprises a “gothic” feeling and a stark realization of the world. This creation gives an additional insight of the motives and particular perspectives the author may have after growing up in Detroit, imprinting her soul with an out of idealization virtue that the common alienated artist has escaped definitively from. Delicate and ghostly is what “This is my letter to the world” is

Whenever you listen each of the songs condensed in this album you get the sensation that they probably got inspired by the profuse and deep artist’s sentiments, perhaps as an occasional out of hand improvisation after watching some landscape perspective, a reflection on life situations while lying looking by the window or maybe the unexpected mesmerizing apparition of the muse. All in all, sudden ideas that took form in the last lights from dusk, among quiet shades or after a long night that now throws the newer yet still weak first rays of the day. This is the kind of music that more than creating scenarios and apparent characters from the artists imagination, focuses on the soul intimacy of its creator, out of veil and out of mask, stark naked and alone, out of banality and exposed as human and showing his own world and his feelings.

The music in itself it is rather simple in its making, an acoustic guitar and the female voice with rather minimal keyboard accompaniments that adds a dreamlike atmosphere, surreal and mysterious while the power of the music captivates the listener not by force but by some sort of strange seduction and gentle invitation. The work centres the compositions in the delicate flow of the voice, which is utterly feminine in sonority, like the kind of singing a fairy could do while in loneliness and melancholy. The guitar serves as the transport for the singing and settles quietly and gently in the whispering cadence of the voice, strolling smoothly and delicately and pronounced only by some minimal keyboards arrangements that spontaneously appear. Poetic in nature, the lyrics shows paced moments of human reflection, whether it is about love, death, solitude, friendship or rather mundane appreciations on life situations. The ambiance reflected in the music it is rather ethereal and surreal (very akin with the original artwork included in the digipack, which is made by the mother of the artist) like looking the world as it really is and not as it should be or is pretended to be.

Transparent and fragile, delicate and mysterious and sometimes lethal is the resume of its whereabouts. There are two covers included and transformed in very personal adaptations in comparison with the originals: “When doves cry” by Prince and the classic and multiple covered “I can’t help falling in love” by Elvis, two songs that adapt very well to the albums mood and perspective and shows the creativeness of the author and blends perfectly with the rest of the original songs.
Comparatively I can locate some relative influences from somehow dissimilar bands inside the work, first the similarity with Alison Shaw (From the English band Cranes) in the delicacy and fragility from the voice and somehow the childlike tonality and the second could be Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star, equally feminine and soft, at times ethereal and fragile too. Sarah Weathers would be a middle end between the two of them, melancholic and delicate, intimate and reflexive, sometimes almost whispering and some others charged with the tenderness of a child while some others distant and melancholic.

 I guess she doesn’t want to impress with her voice but she is able to bring such an array of feelings and tinges with it that she undoubtedly convinces the listener of her sincerity and it’s able to communicate with him. A silence and solitude evocation where music itself invariably gives the insights of its journey to the listener. The music while minimal maintains a marked influence from classic college pop, ethereal/shoegazer influence and some gothic temper (especially in the lyricism).

The work demarks its independence and indifference for pleasing an audience or creating an icon out of the flesh of the author in order to feed a fan base with archetypes or ideal heroes, exposing the artist intimately out of idealizations, portrayed only through poetry, also uses the frequency that the author relates only to herself and serves mainly to please her own artistic development above all, in that way this work should appeal to only some selected souls that want something authentically different and humane, like the interest we may find by reading a lustrous diary full of anecdotes and personal divergences and finding from the apparently mundane aspects that compose our diary life the secrets that reveal the nature of its owner, his magic, his bright/dark side and above all how perceives the world. I liked the compositions and humility that emanates from the work, above all sincere and compromised.

Cheers up for this ghostly girl, brave soul who exposes her dreams and inside vistas to the world, able to bring a portion of modern romanticism and humanism to the arid land this place has become.


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