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Promonium Jesters - Psychic Warfare
Saturday, November 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Blond Adonis

Psychic Warfare

Artist: Promomium Jesters Canada

Title: Psychic Warfare

Label: Self Released

Genre: Industrial Metal


01 Futurekill
02 Project Xjypt
03 Noosphere Sentinals
04 For Your Projection
05 Soft Targets
06 Send Us Your Thoughts

In 1994 The Promonium Jesters formed by high school buddies Greg Cox and Ethan Moseley out of Uxbridge, Ontario. Their raison d'etre has always been on experimentation, not following in the footsteps of any sound, scene style or gimmick. They're heavily influenced by Industrial music and the use of computers, synths and other music enhancers soon followed.

On their latest release, Psychic Warfare they mix things up. There is a big, bad sludge of metal packed in there and that is the first impression one gets. But as the album goes on it is injected with more industrial baggage and hi-fi-low-fi, discordances with reckless abandon. What is really a fresh sound is the beginning of the first track, “Futurekill”: the first 20 seconds of the song there is a sampled jazz piano riff that happily noodles 'round and 'round, then fades away, only to be overrun by an outburst of aggro/metal, a la mid-to-late Ministry. The tune has all the makings of a neo-metal anthem – the synthed-up vocals, the thunderous double-bass drums and the screaming, 100 MPH guitar playing. But that's only the first track, not at all indicative of what's to come.

The P.J.'s are more than just that first cut. The album goes on to show off their experimental bent; it has a hard-edge to it for the most part, but there places where they show their versatility, they bring to bear subtle bits and pieces on songs like “Noosphere Sentinals”, which, in places, reminds one of Front 242 and there is “Soft Targets” one of the more experimental songs. It's apparent that they are quite eclectic and that you can't stick them in a box. It's not metal, not goth or ambient or industrial, but maybe a little of each, but not just in that order – or any order, for that matter – they do their own takes on each of their favorite influences and give them a tweak and a twist and turn, making it into something that is their own and not derivative of any particular genres on their own. Psychic Warfare is a relatively short album – six tracks in all, but for what they're pulling off here, a show-off of what they're made of – it is just long enough.

You wouldn't call it an EP but a short LP. Just the fact that they keep only the good stuff on here and not go on to fill up the disc makes an impression that in the future they will keep on writing songs and experimenting more and more, only to end up with the best on their next album and whatever comes up in the future.


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