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Arch of Hell - One Day
Saturday, November 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Skarsnik

One Day

Artist: Arch of Hell Czech Republic

Title: One Day

Label: Self Released

Genre: Gothic Black Metal


01 One Moment
02 Fateful
03 Only for a One Day
04 Cry For the Angel

Well, today metal comes in many shapes and forms, one form that has been quite ordinary in the mainstream lately is that lingering type of gothic/doom that I have heard so many times before in groups such as early Theater of Tragedy or Tristania. The band Arch of Hell is crewed by a group of young and ambitious individuals that shows great promise should they only reach above and beyond. The individual named Swarm is the leader of the pack and the original member of Arch of Hell, a really talented git if I may say so. One Day is the third album they have released counting one single, however the production is really great coming from a band that seems to have no record labels backing them up. I am impressed by the sheer quality of the release and it both feels and sounds very professional. The music is interesting in the fact that it nicely blends vocals, synthesizers and guitars making it both varied and well composed.

The only thing I could complain about is the rather oddly mixed parts of violins in One Moment that sometimes cuts through the song and sometimes just diminishes in the background, however this is no big problem. The vocals are good, especially the female vocalist, Morticia to give her a name; show that she can handle her vocals with great passion and ease. The music grows on you but it feels a bit tedious from time to time, not often but enough for me to feel like I have already heard it before. I suppose this could have to do with the music in itself rather than the musicians, it is after all quite a desecrated tomb as of lately with all the dualistic vocalist bands.

When it comes to the composition and structure of the songs it is a great work, however it fails to extract the groups potential for uniqueness. It all falls back to the same old story of repeated patterns I have heard long before. This is not really a problem with the music in itself, it is more a void of feeling. And with feeling I do not talk about the mood created by the songs, I still have this lingering sensation that something is missing, like a body without a head. The foundation is there and its solid rock, now they just need to form the castle in their own visions. This is a good and solid production and although I have my opinion about its contents I cannot help but to marvel at the sheer productiveness of the group and the front man Swarm in particular.

I would recommend Arch of Hell to anyone into styles like gothic/opera/doom inspired metal, it is a band full of talented artists that combined make good metal. I am confident that I will hear more from them, and if you are interested I recommend their myspace. Some great songs to be summoned from there and I think that it should be enough to tell you if you would like this album or not.


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