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Aidan Baker - Book Of Nods
Saturday, November 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Blond Adonis

Book Of Nods

Artist: Aidan Baker Canada

Title: Book Of Nods

Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records United States

Genre: Ambient / Trance


01 Love
02 Survival
03 Obsession
04 Good and Evil

The fabulous Mr. Baker has just come out with his latest CD, Book of Nods, a four-track CD; four tracks but full-length, for sure. The average track length is around 12 minutes. Each one just slides right into the next. On the web, etc, the only translations for the Chinese ideograms on the back of the CD cover that could be found were “Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, and Track 4.” It could be, though, that Baker has used specific ideograms to represent specific words/idioms; ones that he wanted to keep secret from his non-Asian listening public. Either that or he just used the Chinese characters for “Song 1, Song 2 and so on…” Not being fluent in any Chinese dialects, I couldn’t tell for sure.

The CD is being released by Portland, OR’s Beta-Lactam records. Another great indie label, Beta-Lactam Records has been putting out interesting music lately and they haven’t been limiting themselves to the same old CD over and over with a different band name and different song titles or configurations. Their CDs probably sell most prolifically via the web but it’s not too much to think that one could find some of their artists on the shelves of the better independent record stores in your town, depending on how hip that town may be, e.g.: you’d find more of their stuff in San Francisco than in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The music on Book of Nods is an ethereal record, a charming disc and a hypnotic dance piece. It’ll throw you into a tailspin trying to figure this guy out, so it’s best to just try to get to know him via this album.


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