Hybryds - Dreambient DVD

Wednesday, October 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT

Contributed by: Edgar Kerval

Genre: Ambient / Ritual / Art


01  Part I: Ophelia/Ulunda 
02  Part II: Night 
03  Part III: Satyr 
04  Part IV: Babel
05  Part V: Snow 
06  Part VI: Woman

HYBRYDS ”Dreambient” DVD 2008
HYBRYDS a Belgian ritualistic act which with the pass of time, has became one of the most interesting, expressive form of art. The fact of transcend musical limits and now through visual mutations into ritualistic experimentations and digital manipulations. so, the work at “Dreambient” is a reflection, a voyage to most primitive form of paganistic worship. God’s rising from sub-conscious, creating an impressive visual musical piece.

Part I: Ophelia/Ulunda: visualizing dense water exploration showing a beauty female shape submerged in her own sensations and desperation. After some minutes, the mesmerized water parts are transformed into a erotic dance where Ophelia meets with her own sensations. Musically it complements perfectly with the visual side.
A deep ambient piece with spoken vocals.

Part II: Night: Nox, the night of matriarchal enchantments continues its triumphant path. This time Hecate, dancing through foogy, fire effects. Very interesting tribal drumming sounds, opening with beauty female oral expressions. emotive, sublime, seductive music.
Part III: Satyr: Abrasive nature images and a very well constructed atmosphere through the whole passage. Because the camera lens focus relevant aspects according each visual expression. And with a great vast exploration of sounds mutating all the time. Part IV: Babel: a lustful representation of a paganistic past dwelling into different vortex of perspectives with incredible music examination and cymbals, sounds arranged through the whole composition.
Part V: Snow:sigils,rocks,symbols,movements,dances,elemental forces,whispers,totems,a very interesting piece built into colours and elements mentioned before, which are handled creating a strong visual piece and with a musical perspective,very,very interesting going in the right direction together the slow dancing female bodies.
Part VI: Woman: birth, death, eros, Thanatos, in my opinion the best part in the DVD, due suggestive, transgressive art revealed here. Babalon erupting its vaginal visions through blood, agony, pain, and pleasure.

A very impressive work by Sandy Viktor Nys,aka Magthea,who through his artistic visions enchant us under enigmatic erotic archetypes full of dynamic conceptual expressionism, only revealed by a brilliant mind as the one of Mr. Nys.the whole music was done by Sandy Viktor Nys,and Sven Germeroth,and vocals by Madeline Arndt. At the DVD’s end you shall find a lot of pictures relating the whole video, and also this DVD comes, with two small papers including an expressive visual art too. These are not video clips, this is erotic video wallpaper born out of an unconscious stream of religion and erotic archetypes.