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Order of Melchizedek - Domine, Ex Audi Vocem Meam, Domine
Wednesday, October 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Vargr Wulf

Domine, Ex Audi Vocem Meam, Domine

Artist: Order of Melchizedek United States

Title: Domine, Ex Audi Vocem Meam, Domine

Label: Ambimorpheous Recordings United States

Genre: Dark Ambient / Noise

01 Fervor
02 Deep in Prayer 1+2
03 The Way to Murder (Abraham's Song)
04 The Want to be God
05 ...No Greater Sin
06 The Want to be God (Cleanse the Unbelievers Mix)

The first three tracks on this compact disc epitomize everything about the “Dark Ambient” genre that one might find tedious or boring. They sound rather like a series of gray clouds, and I was alarmed to find that the Judeo-Christian group name and song titling is not ironic. Order of Melchizedek is a Christian individual exploring the more esoteric aspects of that particular religion and philosophy. As such, it is a rather interesting take on the industrial/noise setting, and on the fourth track, “The Want to be God,” OoM really sets himself apart a bit, unafraid to trip out into uncharted territory. The following track “...No Greater Sin” takes on a sinister tone, with a low-end buzz battling high-pitched squeals of torture chambers. The tense, punishing feel of the track is undercut with a feeling of judgement. This music would certainly work as a more than adequate soundtrack to the activities of the Spanish Inquisition.

Yahweh is a pretty frightening character overall. Jealous, omnipotent, sadistic, and willing to allow humans to mutilate and torture some aspect of himself that manifests as his “son”, in an ultimate act of masochism. These terrifying synth reverberations call to mind Zionist missile silos preparing to render dead the surrounding Semitic people in all adjacent countries. The concise (and awkwardly titled) “The Want to be God (Cleanse the Unbelievers Mix)” is a highlight of the album, offering up the best track in a helpfully trimmed-down fashion.

The biblical Melchizedek himself is a rather enigmatic Christian figure overall. He was likely a fallen angel, or spawn thereof, who went on to become a character not unlike Merlin the Magician. Old J.C. himself was said to, in fact, be a priest “in the Order of Melchizedek.” Sometimes Melchizedek is pictured in statues and etchings surrounded by fish-people, or even with fishy characteristics. Some legends say that he was immortal. So don't expect any Bob Larson type of evangelization here, this is 45 minutes of mystical noise that is as strange as anything else that comes down the pike. Nice to get a different perspective every now and again.


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