.Cut & Maggot Breeder - La Voia Sacree

Wednesday, October 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT

Contributed by: ~Oren ben Yosef

Catalogue: wl013

Genre: Drones / Experimental


01 untitled

A slow, vibrating wave of hypnotic drones opens this joint effort between Canadian-based .cut (Dot cut) and Maggot Breeder, two interesting artists with numerous releases to back up this claim. Maggot breeder ; given name to Reuel Ordonez, is working his guitar, trying to extract the most obscure sounds he can manage from it, while Alberick, the man behind .Cut and [Walnut + Locust] among other things is working his ways through his laptop and some effects. Together they produce a sonic journey through deep, very deep, layers of sounds that grow richer and richer with each passing minute. 

For 21 minutes, Ordonez and Alberick are building together. They are building a tower. Starting with an orienting drone that sets the foundation to this aural project, and setting the audience (That means you!) in the right set of mind. After about two minutes, more elements are added to the deep and dense audio cement. Obscure and distant voices, almost unrecognizable and before you know it, the low drone is so much wider in frequencies and textures, that it is all engulfing and spiralling upwards, moving on with or without you. Seven minutes into this climbing, high above the ground in the tower, pressure gets less and less bearable, space gets smaller and smaller and the walls that Alberick and Reuel are building higher and higher. We are nine minutes into the climb. Tuning into this music, you might not grasp if the sound actually became more intense or less. The momentum gained through the past minutes is making this claustrophobic feeling go on even if for a minute or two, the sounds become clearer. At eleven minutes its storm we climbing to. With seemingly chaotic elements trying to interfere with Alberick and Reuel's creation.

Thirteen minutes. This is getting Calm. No, calm is not the right word. Slow. Everything slows down and even though this offers plenty of air to breath, it's a tough mission to do so. It is the eye of the storm. Much clearer than before, but disastrous yet as well. This is a good place to stop climbing. This is the end.

No, it is not. Not for .Cut and Maggot breeder. Up we go. Leaving the chaos behind us and climbing on a droning and thin stairway, with obscure and distant sonic touches that grow minimal to the point that after 17 minutes, it is a low hiss. The voices are returning. Gregorian chants so it seems. The hiss is the walls from which the artists are listening to these angelic sounds, while they climb even higher. The hiss become feed backed into a less coherent and understandable road, and the voices on the other way become more dominant for a short while. After twenty minutes, the hisses overcome everything. Are we going down? Are we going even above where we have just been? I have obviously lost track. Minute 20 to 21 is clearly an even more no-man's-land than the rest of the journey. Like falling back hard and fast back into minute one. The sounds fade. I can breathe again.