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.Cut Featuring Gibet - Theories Of Capitalism
Wednesday, October 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ~Oren ben Yosef

Theories Of Capitalism

Artist: .Cut featuring Gibet Canada

Title: Theories Of Capitalism

Label: Walnut Locust Canada

Genre: Post Rock /  Experimental


01 Hope
02 You are not safe anywhere

Do you know the track "Sleep" with the sample of a nice old man talking about the old days of Coney island by Godspeed you black emperor? for some reason I could not help but think about this track, about this person, when I was listening to "Hope", bringing its own twisted version to the fellow Canadian group. With a different person talking in the beginning. Not so nice like the one GSYB! Brought, and while the post rock band played their usual (and great) music afterwards, .Cut, A.K.A Alberick, with the help of his long time collaborator Gibet, are arriving with a much darker arsenal of sounds, all brought by alberick's laptop and Gibet's guitar. Contrary to the title of the track there is very little hope in the first part of "Theories of capitalism". Is it a political statement? Is the hope of capitalism a false one? I don't know if I have got right into the mind of .Cut or am I projecting my own feelings on such a powerful and demanding album title, but the thoughts are there anyway. This is a 3" after all, one of the numerous 3" releases that [Walnut + Locust], Alberick's label, has been releasing. And this being a 3" means there is no time to bring hints and preludes. The tracks should be powerful and to the point. And they are. While another album by .Cut, alongside Maggot breeder, "La voie sacree" Is a long build-up of shapes and sounds, these two tracks, each clocking around 7 minutes, are much more focused. Not that the long and slow build-up of tracks is not a rewarding one, not at all, but .Cut manages to do both in a convincing way.

"Hope" is a very emotional melancholic, even, passage of music that elevates the spoken word to a much higher meaning. Over time, the track goes into a more powerful momentum, perhaps to let us discover its inner meaning. In addition, if my guess about the meaning of the title "Hope" is correct, the second track "You are not safe anywhere", is the answer. The secret about the theories .Cut is talking about. Much deeper sounds with echoing guitar touches that seem to develop from the previous track and take a different direction. With more spoken words, this time about a shooting incident in a university. I could not figure out which one it was, but does it really matter? Remember, you are not safe anywhere. Not just in a certain place.


Athough short, Theories of capitalism is a dramatic and interesting work. Showing another side of Alberick's many faces.


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