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Lake Of Blood - Heed The Primal Calling
Monday, September 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Skarsnik

Heed The Primal Calling

Artist: Lake Of Blood United States

Title: Heed The Primal Calling

Label: Milkweed Records United States

Genre: Progressive Black Metal

01 Nameless I Arise
02 Heed The Primal Calling
03 The Darkest Path
04 Lake Of Blood

Black metal from the US comes in many shapes and forms, I have seen and heard quite a few in my days but Lake of Blood is brand new and wants to compete with famous acts such as Wolves in the Throneroom and Weakling. The first impression of the band comes from the cover of the album, I received a photocopy of the album cover so I can’t really make out what the hell its supposed to be, I had to google to find out. The cover however looks quite nice and fits the theme of the album. The theme is a story told of a man’s return to the primal state of existence, some sort of epic saga of a barbarian seeking to free himself from the clutches of civilization I guess. Well so far so good, I think that all in all from what I’ve seen and heard so far this could be a great album, so is it? Well it sure is black metal but it’s far from what the band describes itself to be.

The guitars are fine and so are the drums, but I find the atmospheric parts quite lacking in their layout, either make good use of them or don’t use them at all. It might be me who is quite addicted to atmospheric black metal or just that I see no use what so ever for a 1 minute melodic intro that is then just removed, never to return. However the rest of the experience sure makes up for that flaw. The lyrics are quite straightforward and some of them are extremely well written in my humble opinion, but the music don’t really fit the theme. The vocals are great but could do with a bit more variation in style; it feels like you want more out of it then this one raspy voice grinding on into infinity. It feels like this idea could have suited so well with some heavy atmospheric black metal. The nearest thing I can think of in description of this music is some sort of quite melodical black metal.

The production feels a bit undone but that might work with them being a band that compares with Drudkh and Immortal. However that’s all a matter of style and taste and this beast is one of those fiends who have a liking for all matter of low-tech recordings. All in all this is not a bad album; however I feel that this band could have done far more to make this album great. They have the skill needed since the music is well crafted and is fairly technical, but it fails to deliver. I think Lake of Blood shows a lot of promise and with the melodic parts on The Darkest Path gives me a hunch of exactly how great they can become. For now I can recommend them for fans of US technical black metal. The album is a great start for a band I hope to hear more from in the future, after all they have a great theme to build on, Heed the Primal Call! Mjurr...


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