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V - Standing Still In The Celestial Sphere
Monday, September 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Edgar Kerval

Standing Still In The Celestial Sphere

Artist: V France

Title: Standing Still In The Celestial Sphere

Label: Peasant Magik United States

Genre: Experimental / Acoustic

01 Half Closed Curtain
02 Along Blizzard Beach
03 Stella Maris
04 Darkness Where Are You
05 Leon Spilliaert

An unknown project arriving with this album, which at first listening haven’t so much attractive elements to consider this as a masterpiece, but some kind of potential is what you can find though the 5 tracks included in “standing still in the celestial sphere” which is only limited to 100 copies. This is the solo debut album of Vincent Caylet the mind behind this one.

Each track has different atmospheres and arrangements which are built into a dedicated way, and also the fact this is a solo project give us more arguments to enter in a deep detain of the structures behinds “standing still in the celestial sphere” Acoustic guitar parts evolving itself in its own sounds in the first track called” half closed curtain” while the second one” along blizzard beach” is more dense ambient track with some strong patterns in the principal structure, with some percussive sounds which fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the track.

The dynamism of this release continues with the third track called “Stella Maris” and its accordion based sounds and soft guitar tunes. “Darkness where you are” is perhaps the best track here.a melancholic trip to calm harmonic atmospheres, all of them arranged again through the excellent accordion sounds and finally its “leon spilliaret” also with harmonic elements and acoustic structures, chorus, deternminating each one of the minutes of this track. The beauty of this one is palpable and the essence of the whole releases a reality.

Vincent Caylet, the mind behind this project has developed an interesting release, creating a deep reflection on celestial spheres within the music spectrum varying from dark, to darker, from ambient to dense acoustic elements with a respective dose of creativity. So, he is preparing two releases in future through a Ruralfaune recs and Acoustic decease recs. This album comes in a black cdr housed in white cardboard sleeve with full color wrap around art and hand mate marble paper. Hand stamped and numbered.


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