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Canvas Solaris - The Atomized Dream
Monday, September 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jack The Ripper

The Atomized Dream

Artist: Canvas Solaris United States

Title: The Atomized Dream

Label: Sensory Records United States

Genre: Progressive Metal / Ambient / Experimental

01 The Binaural Bent
02 Reflections Carried To Mirror
03 Chromatic Dusk
04 Patterns Spiral Into Swarm
05 Heat Distortion Manifest
06 Photovoltaic
07 Solar Droid
08 The Unknowable And Defeating Glow

A clash of two titans and a goddess could only give birth to one of two things, a monster, or a marvellous creature of strange nature and beauty. Luckily for the lovers of beauty, it was the later one. The now old formula of combining heavy metal with its intricate guitar arrangements, its rapidness with thunderous drumming and fusing these elements with the unquiet mobility that grants prog rock and then to conspire with the calmness and paced stand from ambient to create an spellbound newborn. Usually the reign of dark ambient has been in touch with metal, as their thematic direction shares similar grounds. But here the thing is more out of the dark, into the light.

For start, the usual heaviness and taste for the macabre associated with metal is out, instead you will find a twin(ity) of ultra technical guitar inter-playing, encompassing, intertwining and mixing a whole paraphernalia of complex guitar arrangements with some good well thrown hook riffs that gives an additional muscle to the plot. A drum master that knows how to ride the horse by guiding the serpentine trace that the guitars demark with a extreme skilful display of velocity, technique and bravado.

Ambient plays the role of adornment by adding some extra effect here and there, pronouncing the wall of noise created by the two guitars and atmospherics of beautiful lush and freshness, an occasional paintbrush of psychedelics or serving as bridge between rhythm changes, always doing so in agreement with the sonic finality from the band.

Above all this is ambient music where the metal moniker only serves to describe the type of instrumental development and the internal quality of the compositions rather than describing a genre per se. You will not find nightmares here nor eerie, cold or desolate atmospheres. Everything is radiant and vivid, constantly morphing like a happy dream of incredible vivacity but kinda odd dimensional landscape.

The compositions are always fresh with warm undertones and abrupt rhythm changes, twists and turns. The synchronicity of the whole instrumental script is masterful to say the least and the keyboard play is well balanced and appropriate, adding depth and enhancing the edges also knowing where to enter and when to leave without losing relevance or position as essential part of the crew.

The two aces from “The atomized dream” are the technique (conducted mainly by the two Lead/Rhythmic guitars, Chris Rushing and Nathan Sapp along with the drummer Hunter Ginn) and the progressive instrumentation implemented. Time will add future developments on this experimentation for sure and will probe that this is not just another band but almost a new genre created starting from the fusion of two titans and one goddess. Keep the spirit!


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