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Permafrost - Cold Vision I
Monday, September 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: symbolique

Cold Vision I

Artist: Permafrost Italy

Title: Cold Vision I

Label: Invisible Eye Productions Italy

Genre: Electronic Ambience & Noise

01 Permafrost Movement
02 Cold Vision I
03 Snow Blind

Permafrost is the side vehicle of Italian artist, Marco Grosso, whose previous recordings were under the drive of Ouroboros but here find traction in icy climes and frozen electronics. As a departure of style, Permafrost isolates itself in sonorous shapes fostered not in recreating the possible atmosphere of a land of snow and icebergs by mimic but in defining digital progressions that elicit metaphor thereof.

The electronic arctic of Permfrost is dense in synthetics, salient features that foment thoughts of a frozen cyberspace as much as they conjure our own frozen wildernesses. “Permafrost Movement” stamps its boot hard on the glassy ice with its droning spaced out digital pads and organs and the cracks vibrate and lightning out from the source. Oscillations rumble in stereo to saw-forms of gelid wind. Few melodies intrude, most just juxtapositions of echoed noises, drawn out filaments of frosting liquid, bubbling and beetling purled statements, crescendos and decrescendos into chiming noise.

The three tracks segue neatly into each other stylistically, retaining the angular sound forms wrought as organic sculpture from one movement to the next. Feedback and vibraphonic distortion loom as entry point into “Cold Vision I” before groaning stillness wallows like the submerged bulk of an iceberg to the surface, its coronet sparkling the resonance of bells as it breaks into light and coruscates. But it’s a dark rising, with the drowned parts soon creating dissonant spirals of flanged and rippling noise.

Lastly, “Snow Blind” is a white-out of more echoic drones, where reverb is heard more than its source. Speakers descend into an opaque smothering of rumbling quakes, cemented in a limbo that is soon populated with fragmented clashes of percussive decay, before warping with cinematic flourish to sound reversing length climax.

The packaging is minimalist, a glossy laser paper printed only upon the obverse of the gatefold with simple layout and liner notes, set with a photograph of icebergs landscaping a cold ocean. The CDr is laser printed in the same typography as cover.


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