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Adrian T Lakey - Escape Attempts
Monday, September 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ~Oren ben Yosef

Escape Attempts

Artist: Adrian T Lakey

Title: Escape Attempts

Label: Self Released

Genre: Noise, Dark Ambient

01 Mind
02 Body
03 Structure
04 Routine
05 Time

The most amazing thing during my attempted research about Adrian T. Lakey was not the actual fact that I could not find one piece of information about this guy (Did he promise an escape attempt or did he not?!), It was the fact that the only time his name appeared, in any relevant context, was in the endless list of musical prefrences written on myspace by a different guy altogether, that must have heard about him as well some time in the past. Except for that hint, the name "Adrian T. Lakey" written between other names, from 23 Skidoo all the way to Saul Williams, I have found absolutley nothing. On the back of the DVD sleeve it is written – "Demo CDR version", so I am not sure about the actual release as being possible for people to get, if not now then maybe soon.

While the DVD package hold a nice A5 folding paper with interesting black and white collage showing different images, from childhood pictures to Gustave dore's drawings for the divine comedy, the outer art section is lacking a little. The picture of a prison cell (I think?) and on the other side of a guy probably our guy Lakey, sitting on the toilet sit, might give the illustrative picture, in two different ways, mind you, for the words "Escape attempts", but they do the album injustice, in my opinion, and what a very good album this is!

On the album cover it is written – "File under: Dark ambient, noise, experimental, music performed by people who have no idea how to actually play an instrument". This is the bad part of the noise genre, as it might LOOK like it's so easy to record a harsh masterpiece of that genre because the term noise might give the wrong impression that anything and everything goes. The first few seconds of the album might give the wrong feeling that this is such an album, celebrating only it's creator's self indulgent audio party with non of you invited. However, Lakey does know what he is doing completely. The chaotic mess gets a structure pretty fast, first into a hostile rythm that make you want to hit the wall until at least one of you breaks, and then into a really emotional and moving music. The entire 35 minutes of this album are made of such combinations. Devistating electronic overloads that are also pretty affectionate. It's not a ground breaking (might be wall-breaking!) album but it's an extremely intense, emotional and genuine. This is still the harsh and punishing, cold tidal wave of musical chaos, but Lakey also show a more sophisticated side in his tracks and to record a beautiful album. Be it just a demo verison, or a full album available for the masses (yeah right) to purchase.


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