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Hedorah - Hedorah
Friday, August 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Perceptron


Artist: Hedorah United States

Title: Hedorah

Label: Crucial Blast / Crucial Bliss United States

Genre: Experimental / Noise / Metal

01 From Beyond
02 Electric Frost
03 Planet Of Doom
04 Crystal Smoke
05 Self Medicated
06 Hyperbolean
07 Black Walls

After a split with The Fortieth Day, Hedorah comes back with its first and self-titled album. Hedorah is the project of James Keeler and Dan Hall who are also beyond Wilt. This CDR is limited to 250 pieces. It comes in a simple cardboard package, with a small card insert, all with a black and white design. We must note the DIY orientation of this material: the resolution of images is rather low, pixellized (wittingly or not?) and the button holding the CDR truly jams it so that it might get brocken if you don't push strong enough on it!

A threatening melody opens this album. The sound is directly distorted, hosting guitar gratings and other high-pitched sounds. This introduction has got calmer, but then the same threatening riff reappears but with a tortured voice, gratings and slow minimalistic drumming (From Beyond). The second track – really short – may be understood as some kind of follow up, an epilogue of the first track (Electric Frost). Although the sound is really well saturated, “Planet of Doom” has got a clearer structure: the voice is less tortured, the bass guitar melody is more easily listenable. Though (apparently) chaotic gratings, this song is friendlier and rather metal than noise. A clear guitar sound plays an obssessing melody: here it becomes slightly psychedelic (Crystal Smoke) with thin distorted layers, a repetitive drumming and weird echoed whispers...

As an interlude, “Self-Medicated” consists of many samples intertwined together, also with what seems to be some Tibetan monks chants. This follows the hypnotic orientation. On “Hyperbolean”, we can feel there's a use of a drum machine. This track shows a much more metal structure: a simple death metal riff is repeated. The melody isn't depressive at all but unexpectedly epic and this contrasts with one rather high sepulcral voice and another lower one. Both are echoed, distant and add a black metal touch.. “Black Walls” deals much more with sound. No clear structure: a parasited sound is phrased by massive bass guitar blasts and vocals are so lost in this chaos that they're difficult to identify... The atmosphere obtained is dark and heavy. After the first third of the track, there's a break done by a clear organ-like and cello-like synths' sounds. It just confirm the darkness of atmosphere and gives a weird pseudo-sacral touch. In the second part, the apparent calmness and melodic certainty of piano notes are constantly broken by erratic guitar gratings, explosive drums, lost voices, and coarse-grained vibrations...

Atmospheres go from hypnotic, obssessing till pseudo-epic ones, but their common points is a focus on dark and heavy ones. Difficult to know whether we're facing noisy metal or metallic noise... Both metal and noise are represented here, but always from a metal basis. Actually, Hedorah appears to build a bridge between both and doesn't fall into some kind of hermetic and elitist approach. Thus, this album is recommended for metalheads interested in exploring noisy territories and those already fond of Electric Wizard or Nadja. But, it might also satisfy the more experienced listeners, for – although accessible – Hedorah is noise without compromise. Hedorah (especially the tracks “Planet of Doom” and “From Beyond”) may vaguely be compared to Abruptum although it's less insane, with a friendlier structure and closer to current noisie acts. Hedorah keeps more metal elements than Wilt, is more accessible, but atmospheres of both are fairly comparable. Get some excerpts on the Crucial Blast website!


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