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Clyson - Prospect Devastation Demo
Friday, August 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Prospect Devastation Demo

Artist: Clyson Finland

Title: Prospect Devastation Demo

Label: Self Released

Genre:  Blackened Death Metal

01 Prospect Devastation
02 Lethal Infection
03 Rotten Soil

Clyson was born into the world with a band with this release.  In 2007, these two gentlemen that go by the names of M. Havumaki and T. Piipponen came together to start a blackened death metal project under the name of Clyson.  In that same year, their first demo CD-R saw the light of day.  This demo was entitled “Prospect Devastation” and was a raw but powerful mix that clocked in at just under 10 minutes of complete and utter Finnish devastation.  Both members are also part of the project Mental Frost whom have released one demo and were previously known as Zandrium, which also released one demo.  The latter was raw black metal while the evolution into Mental Frost took them into more of a dark metal vain.

Clyson's music has an obvious taste for Death and Destruction.  War is the theme here as one could come to expect from the track titles and the album name, and these two show it well.  The one thing that Clyson has that most lack of their level (first demo, first voice into the world of metal) is a strong bass-leveled production with real drums.  The guitar work isn't the most impressive that the world of brutal blackened death metal has to offer.  Some strong verse riffs combined with heavy bass kick really make for a flesh grinding good time, but the music could definitely benefit from some sort of melodic edge.

The high point of this album is definitely the hard-edged and well-produced drum work.  Obviously as a demo release there are a few notable mistakes here and there that are audible to musicians.  But for the most part this is an impressive first offering from the band.  There isn't much more to say due to the 10 minute length, but what they have to offer in the future should be consistently more fruitful.  Speaking of which, the band has just released their sophomore demo, “Wall of Corpses”.  Check it out!


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