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Dimentianon Interview; To be Crowned King and Stabbed to Death
Friday, August 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Dimentianon Interview

Heathen Harvest:  Greetings!  Firstly, can you tell us where the band's roots lie back in 1995?  There are several members from back then that didn't see the transition to Dimentianon, where are they now?  Why did they leave the band? 

Greg Layman:   Hailz Lord Lycan, first off thankz for the interview and all your support. Dimentianon could have its own behind the music special about all the crazyness that follows this band around hahahaha. I played on the demo and left shortly there after, after that the guitar player Ed Weaver,that formed the band was asked to leave and Jim our keyboard player switched to guitar, Maureen Murphy joined on bass, she left shortly after the release of The Forgotten 1st cd L'adila, and I rejoined on guitar and Joe Fogarazzo from Doom merchents "Rigor Sardonicous" joined on bass, we then released a split 7" with "Rigor Sardonicous", after which we changed the band name to Dimentianon. We then recorded our 1st full-length as Dimentianon called "seven Suicides", after which our original Drummer Marc left, Joe switched to guitar and Jimmy switched to bass. after a 1 year and 3 months search, we found Ryan Bohlman to fill the drum stool. With this line-up we recorded our 2nd full-length cd titled "Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum" and a split cd with "Rigor Sardonicous" called "Amores Defunctus Tuus Mater" after which Joe left to focus on "Rigor Sardonicous" and his live sound company. We tried out a few guitarists until Zoltan V from Sectioned joined on lead guitar, Recently Both Jimmy and Ryan left the band, lead up to Maureen Murphy rejoining on bass and one of our friends introduced us to a hungary young drummer named Peter Chris, who has joined us on drums.WHEW     AND THAT IS LEAVING OUT A FEW MEMBERS WHO ONLY LAST A FEW WEEKS OR MONTHS HAHAHAHA
HH:  Why have you chosen to do away with synth sounds?

GL:  Well when Jimmy switched to guitar, we were not able to find a new keyboardist, so we just carryed on with out. We have still used keys and other sound/noise effects within our music. We use what ever we need within the music to achieve our desired effect.

Why did you choose to stop using aliases (Ghost, Dominus, etc)?

GL:  It just didn't make sense to the particular members, that have gone by aliases in the past to continue on in that train of thought.

HH:  There were several early releases from The Forgotten:  To Walk the Forest Black, The Grave, The Forgotten Rehearsal, and Casket Full of Noise.  Can you give us the details on these releases?
M:  The forgtten rehearsal demo was the first release of the band that was spread in as many as a 100 copies i think. To walk the forest black was the second and it was the first official demo of the band that was pressed to a 1000 copies. The grave promo was 2 different versions of the same song that we made to spread at some shows etc...  and i believe like 50 copies were made. I believe one version on here has ed [original guitar player] doing all the vocals. Casket full of noise is something our old drummer marc made with very rare recordings and a few songs that have never been released, rare reviews, rare photos, and i think even a few small interviews are in there. These were limited to like 15 copies. Though i believe marc even made a few smaller edited versions of the CFON. But these were even done in a smaller quantity.

HH:  Were any of these releases "official"?  Or were they all Independent?

M:  All independant but to walk the forest black was an official release. It was just done by us though.

You saw your first professional release (that I'm aware of) on Paragon Records in 2001.  This album was entitled "L'aldila".  What does this translate to?

M:  This is the Italian name to the cult 70's horror flick The Beyond. Ans the cover is a distored shot from the cult flick House By The Cemetary.

HH:  It appears that this album was among the first Paragon releases, if not THE first.  It was limited to 1,000 copies in 2001, can we expect to ever see this re-released?
M: Yes it was the first release on Paragon Records, And as you said it was limited to 1,000 copies. As of right now there will be no re-press and i really don't think there ever will be. But you never know what the future holds.

HH:  The last release that we saw from The Forgotten before becoming Dimentianon was a split with Rigor Sardonicus. 

Joe Fogarazzo from "Rigor Sardonicous" joined on bass as he was a good friend of ours, so it just seemed natural to us to do a split releases together. There are very close ties between both bands, that exist beyond just music, though Joe has left Dimentianon he is still a close friend of the band.

Are either of these tracks available on any other recordings?

GL:  The Dimentianon song Azrael was rerecorded for the 2nd full-length cd and the "Rigor Sardonicous" track is a re-recorded version of the track Human Rot off of rigors first album i believe with our former member marc doing drums who was still a member of dimentianon at this time. This is the only actual recording with a drummer [ rather then a drum machine] for rigor sardoncious till this day. This version of Human Rot is also available on the re-released version of the first Rigor Sardonicous cd called "Risus Ex Mortuus".

After the move over to Dimentianon, the first recording available was a 2001 promotional CD including three tracks.  What was the purpose of this release?  To inform the masses of the name change?

GL:  Yes, it was a way of letting people know about the name change and to get some music out to people while we where finishing up writing the 1st Dimentianon CD, we spread easily over 2000 copies of that promo. So it was a great way to get our name out to the masses.

HH:  Since then, you've gone on to release several other promotional pressings -- why do you release these promos if Paragon Records sends out promotional copies of your albums?

GL:  We have always been a DIY band and we like to work within the underground, releasing promo CDs to spread our name. Its in keeping with the old school tape trading way, just done in a modern manner, CDs instead of Cass.

HH:  Who handles most of your artwork?

GL:  The last 2 releases, the 2nd full-length and the split cd, were done by Ryan our former drummer, and for the most part he did an amazing job. The first cd was done by D Olivencia a good friend of the band. At this moment we haven't even given thought to the art work for the next Dimentianon release yet , as we are still working on the music side of things.

What are the core beliefs and lyrical concepts behind Dimentianon?

GL:  There are no core beliefs within Dimentianon and the lyrics for the most part steer clear of the typical topics done in a cliched manner. They tend to relate to something personal within that members life, be it dreams or the waking world.

HH:  What happened to your former members, namely Joe Fogarazzo from Rigor Sardonicous?

Joe left to focus on Rigor Sardonicous and his live sound/recording business.

HH:  Can you tell us a bit about Jamie Giel?  The last track on your new album was devoted to this person.

GL:  Jamie Giel is one of our best friends who passed away way to early in life, his passing has left a void that nothing and no-one will ever be able to fill.He was one of the most honest and reliable persons you could ever meet, and one of the greatest humans we have had the honor to call a friend. RIP Jamie Giel

HH:  You've only worked with Rigor Sardonicous in the past on split releases, can we expect to see you working with anyone else in the future?  Are there any guest appearances we can expect?

GL:  We have no split releases planned at the moment and I am sure that we will have some surprises in store on the next cd as always.

HH:  On your website, the entry page if of a strange circular symbol.  Can you tell us what this symbol is?

GL:  That is the Symbol of The Brotherhood Of the Seventh Day, a suicide cult which surrounds the band.

HH:  It doesn't appear that you've played out a lot recently even though you've stated in a previous interview that you played a lot in support of your previous album.  In fact, your website lists only two actual past gigs -- is there a reason behind this?  Do you plan to play out more after the release of the latest album?

GL:  We have actually played out a lot, the bands website has been nothing but a problem for us. It is something that I hope the new line-up will not have to deal with, hahahaha. We have played live alongside such  acts as Obituary,Destruction,Angel Corpse,Watain,Arch Enemy, Mortician, Enslaved, Hate Eternal, Incantation, Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, Profanatica and Antaeus, as well as 2 mini-tours on the eastern coast of the US and Canada, alongside Mortician, Akercocke, Vehemence, The Chasm, and Sabbat.

HH:  Can you give us a look into the band's spiritual side?  What is it you guys believe in and talk about through your music?

GL:  We all have different beliefs, so there isn't a unified spiritual side to the band, beyond that of METAL.  We speak about the things that inspire us within our lives, and the emotions in which we feel, some of them being hatred, lust, depression, scorn, nihility, loss, anger, Passion and the Will to Power, along with our conceptions of Khaos, obscurity, nihilism, and a sense of self.

HH:  Is there a political side to your music?  Is there anything that you fight for?

GL:  There is no political side to Dimentianon, though it may have a place in our lives it has no place within Dimentianon.

Tell us a bit about the song writing process for you.  This album was four years in the making, obviously there is some complex system that you use.

GL:  Well most of the time was trying to find a new drummer after our first drummer Marc left, after that we spent sometime playing live to gel the new line-up. As to the music, We just wrote music we would like to listen to, that was abrasive but memorable, chaotic but focused. A driving dissonance of raw,bleak brutal metal!!! Expressing the emotions most would like to forget.

How many tracks are lieing on the backburner, or were given up on completely in the search for this album?

GL:  No tracks on the back burner, just some songs that where not finished with at the point, we are constantly working on new material. we currently have 3 new songs finished and 3 songs in the works, so we are well on the way inregards to writing the next full-length.

HH:  You've mentioned in the same previous interview mentioned earlier that some of the members are influenced by "noise/power electronics, industrial/darkwave/ambient".  As these are the main genres we cover here at Heathen Harvest I find this interesting.  Are any members involved in projects under these genres?  Can we expect to see these influences in your music on future releases?

Our former bassist and Drummer where the ones into the "noise/power electronics, industrial/darkwave/ambient" music, but I myself love that side of Dimentianon, so I can see us continuing to explore the ambient side of our music, just as with everything else we do in the Dimentinon way.

HH:  How has the new album been received by the underground thus far?

Both of our latest releases have been well received, 8 out of 10 reviews have been favorable. Of course not everybody has liked them, we have been slammed our fair share, hahahaha. Over all though, the review have been good.

HH:  Alright, thanks for the interview!  Feel free to use this spot to say anything that you feel you need to say.  Good luck in all your future endeavours!

GL:  Hailz and Thankz to all at heathen harvest for the interview and all your support.  Check out Dimentianon at www.dimentianon.com and www.myspace.com/dimentianon and Remember 18 is actually 9!!!!!!!


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