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KK Null - Gamma Ray Burster
Friday, August 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: A.Q.

Gamma Ray Burster

Artist: KK Null United States

Title: Gamma Ray Burster

Label: Steinklang Industries Austria

Genre: Psychedelic Harsh Noise

01 Untitled - 01:30
02 Untitled - 06:36
03 Untitled - 05:45
04 Untitled - 04:04
05 Untitled - 07:57
06 Untitled - 04:18
07 Untitled - 05:05
08 Untitled - 06:12
09 Untitled - 07:20
10 Untitled - 03:13

KK Null probably doesn’t need an introduction for many of you, having many solo albums under his belt, being the mastermind behind the legendary psychedelic doom band Zeni Geva, and even collaborating with MERZBOW during his early years in the 80’s. While many of his peers have moved on to a modern laptop set-up, Kazuyuki has kept to his roots, still using a table full of pedals with a small synthesizer. He is also know for keeping true to the “Japanese Style”, tacking much more inspiration from psychedelic and electronic music rather than the power electronics or pure harsh noise that is so popular right now through out the states, and Europe. It was good surprise to receive his new disc for my first Heathen Harvest review!

Track 01 starts out thick and overwhelming, with extremely liquid sounding mid-range synths, and rapid fire deep sub-bass. The track moves fast and fades out quickly, only to surprise you with it’s use of silence, and quick jabs of feedback towards the end. The second track is much more rhythmic with a pulsating arpeggiated synth line drifting through time and space. Bizarre atmospherics come and go, until it all fades into a static filled, minimal looping drone. Track 03 creeps it’s way in with deep sub-bass rhythms, mid-range synth jabs, and off-time rhythmic acoustic beating. This track feels very claustrophobic and dense, giving off the feeling of being trapped in box, while fending of the demons of taking to many drugs. The fourth track begins with  time-stretched electronics, mating with and out of control stuttering drum machine. Or is it real drums? At times it can be hard to tell, since it’s just giving of thick rolls of sound, and never a straight beat that you could nod your head to. Short bursts of white noise come and go like passing clouds of gas, that may or may not be poisonous to humans. The fifth track continues on with the thick pulsing bass heard earlier in the album. Nice drones hover above the bass like an U.F.O., until it plummets into the ocean and drowns out all of the previous sounds, only to be left with dense waves of synth, coming and going, pulling you deeper and deeper, only to choke you to death at the last minute.

While I could continue on with the rest of the album, I think this summary of the first five tracks should you give you a good idea of how diverse and free-flowing this album tends to be. While it never gets into extremely harsh territory, I really don’t that is the intention behind KK’s music. It is meant more to be a trip into deep space, an exercise in cosmic claustrophobia, or maybe even a kind of cold minimalism to take you out of whatever kind of day you are having. This album has really nice cover art done by the artist himself, that further provides a glimpse at the mixing of nature with deep space and the abstract nature of the music inside. All in all this in an excellent album, with great production, artwork, and most importantly great sounds! I look forward to listening to this many more times over the summer, whenever I need to cool down.


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