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Silencer - Death - Pierce me LP
Friday, August 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Death - Pierce me LP

Artist: Silencer Sweden

Title: Death - Pierce me LP

Label: Autopsy Kitchen Records United States

Genre:  Depressive Black Metal

Side:  Kill
01 Death – Pierce me
02 Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels
03 Taklamakan

Side:  Yourself
04 The Slow Kill in the Cold
05 I shall Lead, you shall Follow
06 Feeble are you – Sons of Slon

We have been graced with one last vinyl edition release to review from the esteemed Autopsy Kitchen Records label in America, an elaborately packaged 12” picture disc of Silencer's previously elusive “Death – Pierce me.”  Death – Pierce me initially saw the first rays of light when Prophecy Productions in Germany picked it up for release in 2001 after the original one-track demo had already been circulating in CD-R format for a few years.  Released on Halloween of that year, it would seem that much attention and support was given to this project by the label, but regardless of what was intended fate had a different idea in store and Silencer effectively ceased to exist not long after.  The original also experienced a 200-pressing limited vinyl edition that is now fairly hard to track down.  The album has now been re-released twice in 2008, once in tape format by Basilisk Productions (500 copies) and now by Autopsy Kitchen in both CD format and Vinyl (with numerous styles and limitations).  The picture disc comes housed in two separate 12” sleeves, the outer being the album cover, track listing and member photos (of which contains perhaps the most grotesque of all black metal photographs ever conceived in Nattramn's pigs foot and bloodmask dementia-fest).  The inner sleeve contains yet another, more minimal yet somehow more disturbing album cover as well as some immensely disturbing lyrics, most of which were written by the previously mentioned Nattramn whom went on to form Diagnose:Lebensgefahr.  In addition to being hand-numbered on the outside, there is also a small pro-pressed card included inside with the limitation noted once more in penned silver ink.

Those of you familiar with Silencer's story should know Nattramn's history of mental disillusionment.  In addition to this mental strain, there have also been a number of demented stories surrounding him and his time in a mental institution in Sweden as well as his documented escape and fame-demanding plot to ax murder some little girls.  What actually happened is up for debate as all of this seems to be hearsay at best but the stories are nonetheless compelling and disturbing all the same.  With all the stories around the band though, one would expect the music to be tedious and mediocre at best, as are most projects that resort to this type of media stunt.  However, one thing that Silencer appears to have that most projects like this don't is actual, genuine talent.  Musically, the depressive black metal represented on Death – Pierce me is all but genius.  The atmosphere and draining lethargic gloom are represented all too well by musician Leere, whom has also had his time in the increasingly impressive Shining. 

Where the rumors end and the truth begins lie the sector that most people either love or hate Silencer for:  The vocals of Nattramn.  This is where the phrase “literally, absolutely insane” comes into play.  Its obvious, at least this journalist, that torment goes beyond the psuedo-fantasies of the likes of Leviathan and other such artists for Nattramn, and the voice showcases this in more ways than any kind of written or verbal story ever could.  Yes, the voice is high-pitched, abrasive, and very different than anything you may have heard in black metal before.  Yes, the voice lacks power and presence.  But what you gain by the lack of intensity and power is the feeling of a withered and decaying soul.  Tell me, when it comes to suicidal black metal, would you rather being looking in the face of a gargantuan monster of a man with all the presence of a charging rhinoceros, or something frail, something sick and dieing.  There is no room for power in this small corner of black metal, this style of music is meant for the cancer-ridden, for the weak and bleak, for men like Enochian Crescent's Drakh Wrath.  Dementia is a powerful thing, and only those who are serious enough about this music to actually feel it and let it tear their souls apart will understand what this music is about.  Silencer's Death – Pierce me is a special release, something meant for only those few who can actually feel such immeasurable torture, and should be reserved as such.  This release deserves the support of everyone, but be warned; if you can't feel depressive black metal with every bone in your body, this one might not be for you.


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