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Fistula - Lessons In Lamentation
Friday, August 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Leech

Lessons In Lamentation

Artist: Fistula United States

Title: Lessons In Lamentation

Label: Crucial Blast / Crucial Bliss United States

Genre: Metal / Experimental / Doom

01 Erinnyes / Lord Of Death / Deceiver

Crucial Blast is gaining momentum and constantly gains more of my respect with each release I manage to get my hands on. With ‘Lessons in Lamentation’ by Fistula, they continue to do so. Encoded upon this slab of plastic is more than an hour of grimy, gritty, nasty sludge/doom metal with a guest appearance by Steve Makita (of Lockweld, Apartment 213 and most recently, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) interlacing uncomfortable spikes of power tools and general ugliness with the monstrously repetitive guitar riffs pf guitarist Corey Bing, pulling like stitches in a wound.

This is the first material I’ve heard by Fistula, but I’m definitely motivated to seek out more based on what I’m hearing here. Crucial Blast released this album in conjunction with another cd called Inverted ‘Black Star.’

‘Lessons in Lamentation’ is one long piece divided into three movements, beginning with ‘Erinnyes,’ which starts things off on at an energetic pace. A harrying assault of riffing and screaming that goes immediately for the throat, like some desperate, strung-out transient eager to grab for your wallet at knifepoint in an alleyway darkened by the mid-day shadows.

Fistula slow things down a few notches with ‘Lord of Death,’ as you come to realise that you have been stabbed in the chest by this filthy bum, and the shadows grow longer and colder still, rats come out to sniff you and wait for you to pass out from loss of blood so they can start chewing your fingertips. The thing is, you might not get off that easily, cuz this guy is still standing over you, a stream of drool spilling from his chin as he is aroused by your vulnerability.

Your guts are also spilling over, your eyes flutter as the album drifts into ‘Deceiver’ and are finally treated to some percussion, courtesy of Fistula’s drummer Bahb Branca, who smacks them drums like they owe him cash. The heaviness is ultra-heavy in this climactic segment, the blood ultra-thick on the garbage-strewn pavement where you’ve been smashing that bum’s head in after he tried to pull your pants down around your ankles. There’s still plenty of fight left in you, and you’re not about to let your last memory be one of penetration by the man who killed you. The final, blood-soaked power tool and feedback dirge is a perfect closing theme as you drag yourself into the fading sunlight, grasping for a single sympathetic hand, and find the streets filled with an uncaring mass, more concerned with the minutiae of their own limited, flawed lives.

Lessons in Lamentation is a beautiful work of brutality, a symphony of grotesquery and a joyous celebration of pure evil, worthy of comparison with such venerable doom acts as Corrupted. Fistula may not be quite as dark or muddy, but they are certainly just as dirty.


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