Obscene Extreme Open Air, Trutnov, Czech Republic, 10-12 July 2008

Friday, August 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT

Contributed by: Gorebatjov


Obscene Extreme celebrated their 10th birthday this edition. Ten years ago the festival was a short day of Grindcore bands, the stage was the back of a trailer and the crowd was small. Throughout the years everything changed; the stage got bigger, the crowd got bigger and the festival became famous. Only two things haven’t changed over the years though; a huge list of the best Grindcore bands of the moment and the incredible ambiance of this perfect festival. It is not hard to imagine why people from all over the world walk, cycle, drive, sail and fly to Trutnov each year to visit these few days. If there was a prize for the best festival in the world, it would be given to Obscene Extreme, the freak friendly music festival.

When we arrived on the 11th of July, it was raining and storming. There were tents everywhere one looked and Grindcore fans from every country in the world. Because of the weather, the traffic was slow so we missed some bands of that day. But that was all forgotten when we walked through the though mud to the stage where German band Cock and Ball torture was playing. Nobody was unhappy because of the rain, everybody was dancing and laughing, the ambiance was great. The PA was amazing and thus the sound was very clear and it was just loud enough to shake the ground a bit. Swedish band Regurgitate did an amazing set of different songs. I was very glad to see Regurgitate use normal vocals and pitch-shifted vocals throughout the set. The rain kept falling but the festivities only got bigger and better. Maybe somewhat misplaced as an old-school Deathmetal band, Demonical played a great set. Especially the vocals were much better than last time I had the opportunity to see this band live. The set had a lot of energy and the sound quality was amazing again. Worn out and tired, we decided to give this day a rather early end (2.00 at night) and went into our tents.

The next day we took the time to see the wonderful city of Trutnov, to have something to eat and to take out some Czech cash at the ATM. We found out that paying with crowns (the Czech currency) is much cheaper than paying with Euro’s. We went back to the festival ground and luckily it wasn’t raining so walking was a bit easier. We did a few rounds through the huge Grind/Metal market where we purchased some CD’s and T-shirts. The market was not only a place to shop we found out, all the networking happened here too. We had conversations with bands (Fleshless for instance) and we had the opportunity to exchange email addresses with a lot of guys just to keep in touch and to share news. It reminded me again how small this scene is and how much I love it for it.
Although this was the last day of the festival, the band list was the biggest. Throughout the day we sat up on the little hill which has a great look on the stage. Especially the sound from up there is amazing. We saw a lot of bands but especially Brazilian band Discarga blew my mind. They definitely stood out because of their energy and their seriousness. They were definitely the angriest band I saw throughout the vocals. They reminded me of Sepultura in 1986, which lead me back to the Grindmarket to get all of their CD’s. The almost clean shouted vocals which were all in Brazillian and the Punk orientated riffs made the hairs in my neck rise constantly, even to a point where I thought that they would fall out. Always amazing to see was German band Le Scrawl. How they are able to make music which is influenced by every kind of music in the world is still an unanswered question to me, but they were great. The mix of Grind, Ska, Reggae, Rock and Jazz made some people frown, but the band showed to be immensely popular. It was an honor to see them life finally. Especially their version of a Terrorizer song was amazing.

Later on we saw Macabre, but they still really don’t do anything for me unfortunately. I have always loved their humor in their artwork and T-shirts, but the music I still find quite boring and uninteresting. Live that doesn’t change. For us, Extreme Noise Terror ended the festival with a great energetic set which was too short in my opinion. It was amazing to see the crowd going out of their mind and to see the huge fan base of this great English band. We went to our tent satisfied, with a long drive ahead of us.

I can definitely state that Obscene Extreme is the best festival out there, even if you are not a Grindcore fan. The social control on the festival is amazing to see, there just is no need for security or guards. It is jaw dropping to see everybody take care of each other, to make sure that everybody has a great time and arrives home safely and healthy. It is an experience I can recommend to anyone. In grind we trust!