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Iron Bitchface - Kitten Apocalypse
Friday, August 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Kitten Apocalypse

Artist: Iron Bitchface Canada

Title: Kitten Apocalypse

Label: Self Released

Genre:  Experimental Noise / Experimental Electronica / Black Metal

01 Catastrofuck
02 Werewolf At my Foot
03 Rave RMG
04 Frog Guts
05 Funeral Parlour Whores

Iron Bitchface now makes their return to Heathen Harvest for their second appearance in our beloved webzine.  The first time they saw the spotlight here was in the end months of 2007 when Perceptron reviewed an epic 30 track split between them and Chaos through Programming, released on Canada's Slutfactory Records.  This time around we see the band's first and only CD-R release, Kitten Apocalypse, which appears to have been self-financed.  Sadly it would seem our friends in Iron Bitchface didn't exactly get a kind word written about them in Perceptron's review, but we'll see where this one takes us.  The band is still made up of Kyle Martin and Kris Misner.  This full-length has come only after several demos and actual CD releases, many of which being a focus on the aforementioned Slutfactory Records.  Kitten Apocalypse, for a grim artist, should tell you of the lack of sincerity in the music that is about to follow.  After all, it would be hard for one to see kittens in a black metal light and feel grim, however, any tuxedo cat owner will tell you they're the grimmest of all nature's mammals.  Krieg, indeed.

For any expecting black metal riffs and forest trolling, this release is perhaps not up your alley.  This is, for all intentions, noise with a very blackened approach to the music.  What we have is a demented yet playful atmosphere of harsh noise intertwining with some melodic avant-electronica and blackened vocals.  It would seem that the album title, Kitten Apocalypse, sums the 'music', or lack thereof, that Iron Bitchface attempts to make up quite nicely.  A playful, almost cute and care free electronic atmosphere that lays one top of grim dark vocals and guitar-based noise.  When durm programming or samples are included in the tracks, they seem to be random at best, but if you can stop to not take music so seriously for a second, it works to what the band is trying to create.  Whether they're just fucking with us, or just trying to make some sort of aural artistic semblance of...something, is beyond me.  But the attitude they put forth in the music and the attitude they show on the album cover are one in the same, so if this is art, then well done and kudos to you friends.

The tracks on Kitten Apocalypse can be labeled short at best.  This 5-song EP CD-R clocks in at just over 7 minutes, a length that is reached by many bands in one track without problem.  But if they tracks were too long, just as with much goregrind, they would almost prove to lose their sincerity.  If you love harsh experimental music and are in a fun mood, not necessarily something like Especially Likely Sloth, but more of a brutal yet fun mood, you should find something in this one to enjoy.


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