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Hazardous Guadalupe - Vegetable Bibliography
Tuesday, July 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: symbolique

Vegetable Bibliography

Artist: Hazardous Guadalupe United States

Title: Vegetable Bibliography

Label: MT6 Records United States

Genre: Avantgarde

01 Plant Grafting
02 Beach Noises
03 Umbrella Day
04 Tie Rack
05 Scissor Crafts
06 Ship Parts
07 Audiovisual Education
08 Wizard Words III
09 License Plates
10 Rubber Stamps
12 Bible Quote
13 The Smokehouse
14 Baker’s Boon

Formed as a stop-gap-filler for Arrington de Dionyso from Old Time Relijun in 2003, Hazardous Guadalupe show a hint therein of style to Dionyso’s comradeship: hunched limbs akimbo, out of kelter improvisation, spastic exudations captured in their most contorted. Yet where Old Time Relijun churn out vocals and the splatter of lurching rhythm, Hazardous Guadalupe never try to articulate lyrical content or song-form, and where they do carry a beat like on ‘Umbrella Day’ it is a bizarre mix of Arab on Radar and Primus’ first practise session – if both were sans guitars (as the only stringed instrument in Hazardous Guadalupe being a guitar, you may be surprised at that, but the instrument comes across as more a fretless bass dropped tuned till it buzzes).

A child’s drum kit is abused by Marlo Eggplant, an un-tuneable electric guitar bent and buckled by Timothy Carrot, all recorded in the glory of a kitchen. For all of this seeming lack of care for sensibilities of music it is strangely an enticing performance, like a crippled cobra. Nor is the quality of the production lacking as child’s tom’s and cymbals are captured in all their glory, no glamour, just the pronged patter of hits, clicks, crashes, pops, and thuds, while the guitar warbles and bows sickening tremolos.

An acquired taste is Hazardous Guadalupe. If, at all, you have a penchant for the mad organic spasms of aforementioned bands or the weirdness that Skin Graft Records lustres our world, then score yourself a copy of this limited edition of one hundred copies henceforth.

Each package is a hand-faceted collage, all seemingly a little different. This review copy extricated from its sealed plastic transparent wallet was folded with wax paper, stamped and penned under which a gatefold card is stuck with various imagery: a cut up sepia American map, and then the liner notes glued to the other edge. The CDr is as ungainly as the music, vivid and stamps scrawl itself in black and purple.


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