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Nisei23 - Milenka EP
Sunday, June 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Clint Listing

Milenka EP

Artist: nisei23 United Kingdom

Title: Milenka EP

Label: Lona Records Hong Kong

Genre: Drift / Electronica / Beat Driven

01 Milenka
02 Yoko
03 Fall
04 Oico

This is a emotional based electronica/ minimalist beat /illbient project out of Asia. The release why I say Nisei23 is emotional is the very male/female touches shine from this release the second I put the 3" release in to review. The delicate nature of it all. The very complex layers of Drifts, Ambience, Soundcapes all come into the distant beats and vocals the swell in and out through out the release. Unlike the Kenji Siratori 3" I just reviewed as well this is a very well and stunningly crafted release.

If you like projects like Sleep Research, Portishead, Star of Ash and Robert Rich then you need read no more and seek this fine release out asap. If you still need more of a run down then let me try to help you a bit more. The sounds of nature mixed with the warm tones and almost ethno vibe of this release works well this the primitive percussion. I do want to point out that is "Milenka EP" is done fully with acoustic guitars, pianos etc) then electronically effected and altered to make this lovely EP. With Nisei 23 there is hope and sadness intertwined in every track. This is what really draws me to it and I think it will do the same to you.

The only proper way to listen to this is in a candle lite room with the headphones on and your eyes close and ears wide open. Nisei 23 is a project that needs to envelope you while you listen. I don't say this often and I've been reviewing CD's for over 10 years now but " Milenka EP" is just to damn short. I can not wait for a full length from this artist of strength, talent and conviction. On a closing note this is sadly limited to 50 copies an needs to be widely release for the world to hear it. Nisei 23 will be a force to watched and take with awe in the coming months and years.


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