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Josh Hydeman - Josh Hydeman Can Read Your Mind
Sunday, June 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Barulho

Josh Hydeman Can Read Your Mind

Artist: Josh Hydeman United States

Title: Josh Hydeman Can Read Your Mind

Label: Kitty Play Records United States

Genre: Noise / Power Electronics

01 Feeding The Most Delicate Chrysanthemum
02 Writing A Haiku While Waiting For The Ambulance
03 My Personality Is Getting Acclimated To Braces
04 Josh Hydeman Can Read Your Mind
05 Crows Screaming In Well Lit Mirrors
06 Swimming With An Electric Blanket
07 An Allergic Reaction To Ultra Violet Tays

Knowing Josh Hydeman collaborates regularly with male rape psychos Two Dead Sluts One Good Fuck, I imagined nothing less than a blast of filth and piss before putting this CD-R to play. A smile drew on my face as I was laying on the couch, thinking of the sick dudes that are still doing stuff like this, as primitive as shitting on the woods, as depraved as sutcliffe jugend playing live on a kindergarden.

The record is quite irregular, which can be seen a consequence of some different ideas pulled together in such limited lenght. Some may see this as default, others as an excess. I see it as a logical manifestation of brain damaged electronics, an unbalanced manifesto of short fuck off nīloud.

"Josh Hydeman Can Read Your Mind" consists of seven stormy slabs of hate-filled meat and bone, virulent discharges of pus and testosterone, frenetic teeth-spitter noise. some of the ideas could easily be more developed, and I would be really curious to see how some would work on a longer release. spasmodic, yet monotonous in its nature, thatīs the idea here.

The music is as unsettling as some of the evoked images; imobilized mind facing its inner inability to explore something than its own body, like a child discovering the joy of daddyīs old VHS. Nastiness as recollection of memories, but also a strange, wicked, sense of humour present throughout the record and on the titles.

Letīs keep on with that smile.

The CD-R I am holding does not have any artwork, so I can only but imagine it. Maybe a disemboweled vietnamese with some flowers on top, a photo of a stomach tumour or a badly drawn grandmaīs pubic hair.

On with the music again, "Feeding The Most Delicate Chrysanthemum" evokes a strange delicate feeling, a monotonous black-metal-on-suspension vibe, short, eerie, like a spasm of voodoo. "Writing A Haiku While Waiting For The Ambulace" is seriously damaged over the top feedback vomiting and verbal abuse, poetic disruption of skin, a blast of all things ugly. Then comes "My Personality Is Getting Acclimated To Braces", loop nīscream obsession of bitterness and collapse, ejaculation / rewind, ejaculation again.

The title track is more subtle in its devastation. starting with repeated blasts it evolves to heart-beat-like confessional whispers, disturbing, terminal. Wasteland inheritance, post-mortem spoken word. "Crows Screaming In Well Lit Mirrors" brings to mind the poetic, minimal style of some of prurientīs output, synth simplification of being, trepanation styled screams like a newborn craving for darkness, again. "Swimming With An Electric Blanket" pierces with infected movements, third world hospital mode on, a savage captive beep, cannibals eating cannibals eating cannibals. The final track, "An Allergic Reaction To Ultra Violet Rays" condensates the collapse, disintegrates all that has been built before.

This brief discharge summons faceless corpses, 50 year old nocturnal hunters, meth girls, lollipops and teenage hercules. When there are no more piercing objects to subject ourselves to torture, maybe all we have left are images, premonitions of that bloodless body laid to rest near the dirty corner of some unexplored area.

aA a whole, it surely is nothing really new, or groundbreaking, or balanced at least. I aprreciate its sincerity though, all the excesses, the sharped fists and rusty erections, all tools of the trade collected in a single wound.

Force fed electronics by bicep covered phallic cyclops. Pure audial sodomy.


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