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Weihan - Symphonies Of Divination
Sunday, June 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Gorebatjov

Symphonies Of Divination

Artist: Weihan Belgium

Title: Symphonies Of Divination

Label: Old Europa Cafe Italy

Genre: Neo-Classical / Industrial

01 Ashes
02 Máttr Ok Megin
03 Bonds of Blood
04 Kali Yuga
05 Runes carved in the Oak tree
06 Den Trefaldiga Döden
07 The Wanderer
08 Murder of the soul
09 To die for the fatherland
10 The downfall of man
11 Battle of the Wigrid plain

Since 2004 Belgian act Weihan has been making an interesting mix of Neo-classical Industrial music. With this third release, the band has seemed to have taken the maximum out of their capabilities and thus made a remarkable and outstanding release, probably worthwhile to have in any collection. Released on Old Europa Café as a luxurious digipack with a nice booklet supplied with it, this release comes as a limited edition of 540 pieces.

When looking into the booklet one comes across the lyrics but more important; various quotes of famous philosophers and spokesman like Nietzsche, Jung and Curtis. Weihan takes the listener on a trip to the world of the old Germanic religion. Which is great and not seen that much, is that Weihan has taken the effort to add text and information with every track. This will help the amateur on this religion a lot, as it is not your regular information. The quotes fit with each song and thus this release can be seen as a musical expedition into the beliefs of Weihan. It is a guide to Germanic traditions and religion.

The music on “Symphonies of Divination” is very Classical based. Although all made electronically, the sound is very pure and rich. The beautiful classical passages make the listener drift away to wherever he or she would like to be. With a touch of martial the beautiful compositions may have a sharper dark edge but still continue to be powerful. The electronically made classical instruments mainly are drums, choirs, strings and (bass)chello’s. I wonder how this would sound with an actual orchestra, it would definitely enrich the sound and maybe make a great new classical composition. If only orchestras would hire themselves for lesser money…

The classical parts are surrounded by bombastic drums and powerful pounds of hits. These parts are divided through more beautiful and pure parts by piano or stand-alone string instruments. The music tends to sound medieval at times, which makes the dimensions greater and fits right with the created atmosphere. The vocals sung by Miguel are also worthwhile to mention. Not only the vocalization is magical, perfectly pronounced and diverse, the lyrics are outstanding. Sung in different languages, but mainly in English, the texts mainly are about the Germanic gods but also hold certain facts about life and morals. Especially the Dutch parts are really interesting and reveal the specialty about this release. Tracks that certainly stand out are “Murder of the Soul” with its pounding dark drumline and the ominous vocals, “Ashes” as a rightful intro to the music which is yet to follow and “The Wanderer” with the diverse choice of lyrics. Certainly “Ashes” is a great example of what Weihan is capable to do without the use of an actual orchestra.

With excellent production, great lyrical choices and the beautiful Neo-Classical music, “Symphonies of Divination” is an actual fresh wind into the post-industrial music scene. The artwork of the digipack is very fitting and makes the package very worthwhile to buy. Listening to “Symphonies of Divination” may not fit on any moment throughout the day, but at certain moments in life it would make the best soundtrack to have. Outstanding release which is hopefully a preview for what is yet to come from Weihan.

“In war there is no place for cowards, each man should stand up and fight!”


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