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Elemental Shift DVD
Sunday, June 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: neon_suntan

Elemental Shift DVD

Title: Elemental Shift
Length: 01:01:01
Starring: N/A
Director: Cristopher Cichocki
MPAA Rating: N/A
Genre(s): Video-Art, Experimental, Noise, Avant-Garde, Ambient
Studio: Table of Contents
Country of Origin: USA
Features: 15 minute ‘Auxiliary’
Produced in:

In Elemental Shift, released by Table of Contents, Chris Cichocki has created a unique piece of video art. Boldly prefaced with a warning intimating a danger for epileptics, what actually unfolds is a dizzying journey through a an incredibly dense sequence of video-compositions, where sound and vision are locked together in an intense data-blast.

Cichocki spent two years refining his work drawing inspiration and techniques from the diverse but related, creative fields such as photography and sculpture. By synchronising cyclical field-recorded audio loops seamlessly with ambiguous loops of visuals ranging from the mundane to the profound - fierce loops of rushing water, speeding traffic and even telegraph poles, rush past furiously – like an accelerated Koyanisqatsi and Powaqatsi rolled into one 60 minute photon searing burst.

Moving seamlessly from each sequenced audio-visual loop the DVD-R album unfolds over nine tracks of frenetic audio-visuals, culminating in the 26 minute title track. The eponymous final track “Elemental Shift” is a minimalist soundscape coupled with an unflinching but ambient LA Cityscape that provides a soothing antidote to the preceding blistering half-hour (for those in need of a further blast of A/V intensity Cichocki provides a bonus fifteen minute blast Live set piece “Cycle in Cycle”).

Produced in a limited edition of 250 designed by “Alaska!” each DVD comes housed in a tin canister with found fish-bones from the Salton Sea sculpturally placed inside. This is a magnificent release and an absolute must for fans of video-art or anything in the Noise genre. Excellent.


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