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George & Caplin - He Really Got Through to Advertising
Thursday, May 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: symbolique

He Really Got Through to Advertising

Artist: George & Caplin United States

Title: He Really Got Through to Advertising

Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records United States

Genre: Experimental Electronic / Shoegaze

01 Highway Driveway
02 He Really Got Through to Advertising
03 Horse Fair When I’m 32
04 I Wish It Was Colder
05 Nebraska Broadcasters
06 Bluff Lake Forgotten
07 Silhouettes Astray

A little electronics and a little shoegaze is that first taste of George & Caplin to digest, from this fifth release, “He Really Got Through to Advertising...” and it’s a short taste at that, tripping short shy of the half hour mark. George & Caplin are another eclectic act in the congeries of Beta-lactam Ring’s retinue, one that judging by this release could well have been hiding in a 4AD cellar.

At times the cloudy pop effusing from the speakers could nearly lure in the new-age hippies from next door, if it weren’t for George & Caplin’s attentiveness to the minute disturbances that while keeps this album far from dark, keep it unexpected with soft uncertainty. Two instruments feature noticeably throughout the album: the guitar and the electronic (if such can be called an instrument, it shows carefully in George & Caplin’s compositions). Both instruments stand equally throughout and save the album from being just another drive along electronic divagation.

The first track sums up the album well, “Highway Driveway”, as this is an album that could happily shotgun your music amplifying device(s) as you cruise down the wide luxury of American freeways. The entire album continues this feel, with its electronics less engaging than subtly shimmering, accompanying but not distracting. Not that this is forgettable music, it is more elusive in its packaging, as phasing guitars swim in synchronicity with droning electronic feedback, arpeggiated acoustics plucked conjoin the pin-point minimalist percussion that for all its digitizing lends a favourable organics with its rock-orientated treatment. A simple complexity is deceptively presented in each track both guitar and electronics are far less formulaic than you would expect, which definitely feathers George & Caplin’s cap here in “He Really Got Through to Advertising”. Vocal treatment is minimal and shelves itself gazing at the floor draped in ethereality to suit the view of shoes.

Beta-lactam Ring tends to deliver better-than-the-average packaging and this George & Caplin is no less smart, with a simple but thick recycled card digipak in gatefold design. The silkscreened artwork is black and white, city plans and photography of old American streets; symbols of leisure and movement, fine accompaniment to the main feast.


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