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Invictus - Imperium Paganus
Thursday, May 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Imperium Paganum

Artist: Invictus Hungary

Title: Imperium Paganum

Label: No Colours Records Germany

Genre:  Martial Folk Ambient

01 Hegemony
02 Towards to Asgaard
03 Sol Invictus
04 Imperium Paganum
05 Black Sun
06 Ariosophy (Blood of  Martyrs)
07 Song of the Runes (Demo)
08 Die Liebe Nerthus

Sahsnot, known for his guitar work in Hungarian pagan black metal band Bornholm (see:  Vic Records), has come into his own solo project following in the footsteps of the likes of Lord Wind with an epic folk ambient masterpiece in Imperium Paganum.  A son of the town of Szerencs, Hungary, Sahsnot's geographical history is not nearly as lush as his music.  Szerencs isn't a town well-known around the world for its pagan heritage or its battlegrounds, but rather for its sugar factory which was the largest in Europe in the late 1800's.  It was during the post-world war II socialist era in Hungary that the Szerencs district became an important food industry center, and the district became a town in 1984 (for the second time).

However, it should be obvious to anyone with an intelligence that you don't have to hail from a town with a strange pagan atmosphere to understand, appreciate, and feel the blood of your ancestors in your veins.  It is with this in mind that Invictus gains a heavy status as one of the thickest sounding folk ambient projects to come out of the metal scene.  While fellow No Colours artist Lord Wind is undoubtedly the posterboy for this style today, Invictus' sound is immeasurably more oppulent in texture and aural strength than the aforementioned's.  The sound is heavily brass as opposed to choir-elements which are the usual choice for this style.  There is a martial overtone as well to the music, following a bombastic atmosphere with march-styled bass drum hits as well as many different cymbal rolls and staccato hits.

The only thing more inviting and beautiful than the music that Invictus offers is perhaps the artwork of Imperium Paganum and what he was trying to achieve with his ornate wording and honesty inside the booklet.  The only part that brings this piece down is the shortness that the band was offered with the booklet, a short 8-page journey including the front and back, as well as some easily-corrected typos in the thanks field from Sahsnot.  At this point in time, you will not find something more pure sounding than Imperium Paganum, especially from the metal realm, so pick this one up from No Colours Records as it will be a sought-after gem of the genre in years to come should it ever sell out.


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