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Delirium Tremens - The Best of Chthonic Force
Thursday, May 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: symbolique

The Best of Chthonic Force

Artist: Delirium Tremens United States

Title: The Best of Chthonic Force

Label: Discriminate Audio United States

Genre: Experimental / Noise / Dark Ambient / Industrial

01 Stele Of The Vultures
02 White Logic
03 Helios
04 Mouth Pigs (Featuring Peter Sotos)
05 King Of The World
06 Disable
07 Assume The Position (Featuring Boyd Rice)
08 Agathodaemon
09 Solitary
10 Primate God (Featuring Thomas Thorn)
11 Nihil
12 Chthonia
13 Thirteen (Featuring Monte Cazazza)
14 Catastrophism

On the face of it, this CD should be consigned to the sub-dom self-obsequious retentive crew, with its splayed androgyny, pallid bare breast, reclined chains and leather, bespeaking shuddersome similarity to Darkwave or the Post-Goth electronic elderly creaks and boot polish, but thankfully, is not. Cover aside, Delirium Tremens, is an experimentally divergent montage from Vadge Moore (ex-Dwarves / Phoenix Thunderstone) and Wendy Van Dusen (Neither/Neither World) of alien electronics squealing, sawing, and bubbling, shadowed by organic vociferation, all assembled less with structure than with a free form appeal, much in the way Premature Ejaculation coagulated their sound.

A best of from a band little heard of. ‘The Best of Chthonic Force’ is assembled from four sources, two previous full length albums, a track from a 7” extended play and one from Boyd Rice’s ‘The Way of Feel’.

Delirium Tremens proffers a work that is voluble, continuously expunging and overlaying disparate and experimental elements into syllabary of their own fashioning. It’s an odd language that ripples with flanged spatially circling distortion, lilts saltant with female la-la, or stumps up martial gusto with braying horns and female/male demagogue, fibrillating drones crazed with mock folk...

The verve is prolific in this ‘Best of...’, the tracks rupture and agglutinate into bizarre post-modern sculpture whose collected fragments somehow forge new form but remain purely a work of new vision: experimentation. That is the guts of the dark menace of Delirium Tremens, no single element except the rapacious desire for grotesque black shapes dictates their aural enterprise. It is a subtle one as well, where noise is shaped and molded into slithering frequency and drone, percussion scratches bloody marks against the dual lyrical output of Moore and Dusen, though Moore does tend to drive home his poetics with invectives whose spit flicks out the speakers.

A phantasma of delight for the noise ambient aficionados’ seeking a break with orated nihilism coupled into bleak buttresses of organically hacked-apart electronics.

Presentation wise, the disc is slim on aesthetics, save the S&M overlays of sub and riding crop on the back. A single full colour sleeve features the liner notes on the rear, but other than that there is little but the music.


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