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Abbildung - Two Sphere Geometry (CD+DVD)
Thursday, May 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: neon_suntan

Two Sphere Geometry

Artist: Abbildung Romania

Title: Two Sphere Geometry

Label: Essentia Mundi Romania

Genre: Ambient

01 Dark Pole Rising
02 Outside The Sphere
03 Vastness, Alone
04 Decreasing Entropy Attractor
05 Call Of The Hypersphere
06 Through The Singularity
07 I am (Orbiting)
08 Drone Of The Spheres

+ Bonus DVD containing the videoclip "Two-Sphere World"

The spatial glaciers of Abbildung's album Two Sphere Geometry are complimented by the short-film also included in the release. The Music Promo was by Abbildung’s composer ‘C’ comprises a single video titled “Two Sphere World”, where grainy black and white footage of what might well be Cosmonauts in training is interspersed with burning suns giving way to glacial landscapes and crude black and white video graphics of a [the second?] sphere.

The album itself delivers exactly what one would expect , in the very best way - think of Tangerine Dream live in the 70’s when they were at their most ambient, coupled with Lustmord’s ambient bass menace and you’ll get a feel of the spaces that Abbildung’s creator ‘C’ is forging in his laboratory deep inside Essentia Mundi http://www.essentiamundi.com. Drones rise and fall faint skittering beats almost threaten to become Hawtin-esque techno but then glissando cymbals soothe the sound elsewhere.

Meticulous samples of American voices from what might be an instructional film, enhance the sense of alienation, while the eerie distant rumbles hint at the Pete Namlook’s ultra-minimal album ‘Flights’, and the general ambience implies Vangelis’ [Bootleg] Blade Runner soundscapes.

Occasional half-whispered mutterings in the distance help to keep the feeling of dislocation, while other sounds imply the flowing passage of dark and vast shapes. ‘C’ has followed hidden key to all head-music albums and moves the music from contrast to contrast throughout its eight tracks of expansive, geometrical inspiration. The expansive ambient rumbles will give fans of Biosphere much to celebrate too while those who complain about ambient albums often having “a lack of direction” will find the slow evolving of sound through the eight tracks here breath of fresh air.

The production quality is also pin-sharp without the over-presence in some ‘more amateur’ releases. Overall the album and movie are superb, the solitary complaint is the brevity of the DVD, an hour long video to accompany the album would have been most welcome. . . but nothing is perfect.

For lovers of all ambient music, especially those wanting a darker shade to their dreams, this is a highly recommended release. More please!


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