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Industrial Implant - E Sia Vera Conoscenza Del Reale
Thursday, May 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sokaris

E Sia Vera Conoscenza Del Reale

Artist: Industrial Implant Italy

Title: E Sia Vera Conoscenza Del Reale

Label: Spatter Records Italy

Genre: Industrial / Ambient

01 ...e Sia vera conoscenza del Reale 02 Chapter I 03 Chapter II 04 Chapter III 05 Chapter IV 06 Chapter V 07 Chapter VI 08 Mind Virus II (I.I. vs Kenji Siratori) 09 Chapter VII 10 Chapter VIII

Hailing from Italy, the industrial duo known as Industrial Implant issue forth what I believe is their debut recording (information on the band online is scant). Two years in the making from the band's inception, "E Sia Vera Vonoscenza del Reale" shows a dark ambient act with a sharp focus and knack for sublety and dynamics. Both of these characteristics factor into the successful execution of this experimental release and its enjoyment from a listener's perspective. Each piece of the greater puzzle is crafted to fit into the next, never overstaying once its point has been made and becoming a redundant statement while still practicing a slow burn approach to composition.

Industrial Implant is a sonic stew consisting of cold futuristic soundscapes seasoned with ethereal, weaving melodies and heavily processed spoken word. Extremely dark and unnerving, the Italian act come off sounding like a mechanical entity with a sinister consciousness. A computer virus that's manifested itself into flesh. It crawls and slithers through different moods, weaving a tapestry of cold rusty ambience. On "E Sia Vera Conoscenza del Reale" (which the ever unreliable Babel Fish roughly translates into "and she is true acquaintance of the real one") Industrial Implant display an ability to slowly mold hollow frequencies and staticy noises into writhing compositions that seem to build tension over and over, releasing it throughout and sprinkling in small amounts of percussive effects (in the case of Mind Virus II, which features the ever active Kenji Siratori, the drums shape the song) and discernible melodic gestures. For the most part the tension is kept tight, the songs never losing themselves in their own textures. In the case of the aforementioned Siratori spoken word track however, the track time could've been cut in half. It's by far the longest piece and is also by far the least developed. The track seems to drag on to fit the length of the spoken word piece. Despite this slight hiccup late in the tracklisting the album is good listen and generally flows well. The early to middle stretch in the album seems to be the strongest area, tapering off somewhat towards the end. All in all the songs maintain their own identity while contributing to a greater overall picture. As such, the album doesn't have many particularly obvious standout points, but also generally avoids "filler" passages.

Listener fatigue may set in for some at different points of the album (depending of course on the listener and the mood) but absorbing the CD first in small bursts seems to work out best. When one can grasp the entire duration of "E Sia Vera Vonoscenza del Reale" then the smaller parts of it start making more and more sense. Recommended for those interested in an audio interpretation of dark mechanical landscapes obscured by clouds of pollution. The disc comes in a DVD case and is hand numbered up to 100.


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