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Troy Southgate - Tradition & Revolution (BOOK)
Tuesday, April 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Prenna

Tradition & Revolution

ISBN: 978-87-92136-02-2

Troy Southgate is probably best known to Heathen Harvest for his part in H.E.R.R. and other projects. Besides being an important element in the post-industrial subculture he has been a political activist, and theorist, since the early 80’s. From joining the National Front in 1984 Mr. Southgate has pursued his unique political vision leading him through organisations such as the International Third Position, English Nationalist Movement, and the National Revolutionary Faction. Most recently he has been a founder of the National Anarchists and the New Right movement.

Over the last two decades Troy Southgate has produced a large number of essays, articles, and poems, that have reflected his political, personal and cultural development. Tradition & Revolution collects the best of these writings.

The works in this book can be grouped together by theme. There are the explicitly political pieces such a Transcending the Beyond: From Third Position to National Anarchism and The Case For National-Anarchist Entryism, which give some background and insight into the new political movement of National Anarchism. Others essays of a more directly political nature offer analyses of the various “fascisms” in Europe. Revolution vs Reaction: Social Nationalism and the Strasser Brothers gives some insight into the little talked about socialist elements of the NSDAP. While other essays cover topics such as the stances in regard to Capitalism of both Hitler’s National Socialist party and Mussolini’s Fascist party, Mosley’s fascist movement in the UK, and the “fascist” movements of Spain, Belgium, and Romania.

Of the more cultural and socially themed essays the reader is treated to explorations of Julius Evola’s views of the “Traditional Woman”, the arguments for home-schooling of children, the forthcoming collapse of the Capitalist system and how to prepare for it, and The Inevitability of Depopulation, amongst other topics.

An integral part of Troy Southgate’s political perspectives over the years seem to have stemmed from his cultural and spiritual beliefs. Spiritual themes are well-represented in this collection. The essays The Symbolic & Practical Significance of the Centre, A Sussex Swan: The Wodenic Mysteries of a Small English Town, and Beachy Head & the Negation of the Solar, all explore what might be described as a mytho-poetic approach to spirituality.

The rest of the collection is made up of Mr. Southgate’s chapter by chapter summary of Evola’s Men Among the Ruins, poetry, a metaphorical comment on the issue of occupied Palestine, and a collections of essays he has given over the last few years.

Tradition & Revolution is an enjoyable read covering a wide range of topics. The book gives a clear insight into the politics of Mr. Southgate and the wider National Anarchist and New Right movements. It is certainly to be recommended to those who have an interest in extra-parliamentary politics and those willing to engage with challenging ideas whether they agree with them or not. Those on the traditional Left would do well to read this book if they wish to develop a more deeper analysis of the NA/NR movements than merely screaming “Fascist! Fascist!” at the mention of their name. The traditional Right would also be well served by this book as it may offer new analysis to some of the more outdated ideas held in that milieu. While discriminating reading is required here I feel that there is much to get people thinking within these essays.


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