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Pallida Mors - Pallida Mors
Tuesday, April 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Pallida Mors

Artist: Pallida Mors United States

Title: Pallida Mors

Label: 187 Records United States

Genre: Grindcore / Brutal Death Metal

01 The Number Six
02 Elevator Music
03 Lightheaded
04 A2Z
05 Adrenocrome

I can tell you right now that the worst thing about this EP is the length. Sadly,it was over in 15-20 minutes, which was a shocker as its hard to not get into music like this as a metalhead. It has everything you could look for in a grindcore/deathcore release. Well-timed punctual notes, tight musicianship, disgusting vocals, complex drum work that includes blasting, and moments of straight melodic rhythms and leads which is something the vast majority of grind today lacks.

As far as the band, little about them is known, even as far as a photograph. The inlay shows a silhouette picture of the band, in which a member was surprisingly wearing a Hollister Cali hoodie. I'm the last one who's going to sit here and judge a person based off what they wear, this isn't a fucking fashion show, but I have to admit that it wasn't expect at all. The band is a five piece hailing from Chula Vista, California, and as far as is currently known, this is their first offering to the world. No website, not much to the myspace besides a beautiful pair of breasts with their logo written on them, hard to find information... Pallida Mors might as well not exist if it wasn't for this brilliant EP.

I've done my fair share of trashing deathcore/metalcore on this 'zine in my time, but there has hardly been any well written music in that genre coming through our doors to prove me wrong on those issues. With the arrival of Pallida Mors' Self-titled EP, we've been shown that, at least in the underground and away from now shit labels like Earache Records, that there are up and coming brilliant acts with some beef behind their squeals. The music is largely complex in every direction, be it time signatures, melodies, rhythms, staccato band-wide hits, its all there,and its all professionally done. Some of the more brilliant melodic moments like the middle section of A2Z lose their beef with the slow down effect, but drummer Josh uses it to his advantage later on by taking a progressive approach and filling the empty air with blasting when you're not expecting it.

The fact that this EP is so short is probably a testament to the band's power as musicians. By the time the storm has blown over you're left sitting there wondering what the hell you just heard, then you have to listen again, and even a third time to take it all in. This is one of those releases that you really can't just listen to once and totally comprehend. There is just too much there. Another one to support from a label that is quickly gaining my respect, and hopefully more notoriety in the grind scene.


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