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Chingalera – That Little Fucking thing Over there (DOCUMENTARY)
Saturday, March 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Chingalera – That Little Fucking thing Over there (DOCUMENTARY)

Title: Chingalera – That Little Fucking thing Over there (DOCUMENTARY)
Length: 1:02:36
Starring: Chingalera
Director: Anthony Scarpa
MPAA Rating: N/A
Genre(s): Music Documentary
Studio: Twelve Rakes Films
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Features: None
Produced in: United States

Alright, so my review of the album is now a bit more educated on the band knowing what I know now. It seems that the rhythm section of the band is originally from the band U.P.O. Whom I vaguely remember from my younger days singing a song called “godless”. This was another nu metal trendy group playing the style of southern rock similar to Shinedown today, but with much less talented vocals. Its strange to see these guys going from that to this type of doom but as artists they are entitled to do whatever they please with their music.

My respect for the band and their “fuck you” attitude towards labels has grown significantly since watching the DVD. Though Dave and Tommy seemed a bit jittery during the interview processes, it seemed clear to me that they're done with mainstream music all together as well as the labels that are incorporated in that process. Now they run their own label, Pacific Recordings, and have given their music the push it needs to get somewhere. These guys are scene veterans, playing for years now honing their skills and trying hard to find their own sound. In my prior review I stated that they would go over the top if they did more tom-bass build rhythms, but now I almost feel awkward critiquing them at all.

The band was lucky enough to enlist sound producer Steve Albini who is the mind behind production for some albums by artists PJ Harvey, Nirvana, and the Pixies. The guy did everything he could to help out the band and to give them the sound they wanted, he never said no, he worked his ass off to get it done. So all the respect in the world to him. There were humorous moments such as the “Electrical Audio Studio Boy's Choir” singing along, and angry moments in interviews during rants about the record industry.

All in all, this film was an in depth look into Chingalera's art. You may not have gotten to know the band very well on a personal basis, but you got a really clear view of how they recorded this album and why they did it in the manner that they have. This is real music, and this is real art from guys who have pulled themselves away from the mainstream to return to their roots.


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