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Ceremony Of Innocence - Fear Of The deep
Saturday, March 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Gorebatjov

Fear Of The Deep

Artist: Ceremony Of Innocence Austria

Title: Fear Of The Deep

Label: Self Released

Genre: Electronics / EBM

01 Fear of the deep

Ceremony of Innocence (or C.O.I. as they like to say their selves) is a electronics group from Linz, Austria. Recently adapted by Lithuanian underground label Beverina, C.O.I. released this one song single called “Fear of the deep”, just before releasing their debut album into the world. The single holds one song, with a total track length of 3.46 minutes. Not that much, but it's mainly the packaging that makes the single a collectible item. Limited to the minimal number of 19 copies, it will be pretty tough to get your hands on this baby. “Fear of the deep” is burnt on a black mini-CD with two edges cut-off. The CD sits between two magnets that contain some contact information and a bit of artwork. All slided in a little plastic sleeve, the packaging on it's own makes it interesting to obtain this single.

Now it must have meant something, that C.O.I. Decided to release this single with professional packaging and that they released their first single “Ich Taufe Tiefer” only as a free download on the internet. (which can be downloaded on their myspace page, given above) As the band only exists since the hot spring of 2007, their isn't that much information on them to find, so my question about this matter will probably remain unanswered. Also, both singles seem to have something to do with water and diving, seeing the titles that both singles hold. Also here is no real pattern to find, as their debut album “Der rote Glanz der Flammenfee” seems to have nothing to do with those titles. Ah well, what's in a title right?

I must say as a reminder that it is really hard to write a review with proper length about one song, during less than 4 minutes. But I am glad that “Fear of the deep” is a good track and thus not that hard to write some words about it. The song starts with a drumbeat, which immediately told me a lot about the style of the song. This is old-school EBM and with strong vocals and many extra sound effects, which are blended in a mix of electronics. The vocals are a little on the background in comparison with the drums, but that isn't negative. The vocals are divided in two main patterns; one is just normal vocals and the other (the chorus, if that is appropriate to say so) is recorded like it is under water. Nice to see that the track name has had it's influence on the music too. The main problem with this single is that you want more. 3.46 minutes isn't enough. It is just enough to get you in the mood, it is a pure anti-climax that it ends after one song. The same feeling when you have a free Tuesday. It's enough to satisfy you for the moment, but what you'd really like is to have the next day(s) off too. Very promising piece of work, which interests me for more.


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