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Elisabetha - Über Das Prinzip Der Unschuld
Saturday, March 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: ChAwech

Über Das Prinzip Der Unschuld

Artist: Elisabetha Germany

Title: Über Das Prinzip Der Unschuld

Label: Beverina Productions Latvia

Genre: Neoclassical

01 Intro: Agonie (Oder Der Übergang In's Nachtreich)
02 Ein Traum In Einem Traum
03 Folterqualen Der Inneren Hölle
04 Morella
05 Das Vorzeitige Begräbnis
06 Die Glocken
07 Outro: Der Eintritt Des Todes

"14th release of band", Beverina said. 50th release of this label, if the cataloguenumbering is correct. Never heard of either of them? I'm sure you're not alone. Beverina is an underground Latvian label that arose in 1996. Very little is known from this label, and they also do not have a website. Indeed, I do not count a myspace account as a personal website. Then, the band, Elisabetha. After counting the listing on Metal Archives, this is indeed the 14th release. Yes, that page says they play black metal, but with this release the band took a complete turn in their musical journey, and create music in the regions of neoclassical, martial and ambient. One of the bandmembers however might ring a bell here and there. Alex Wieser, who is also known as Hugin, also creates or created music in Uruk-Hai, Folkearth, and several other projects.

For the second track on this disc the familiar poem 'A Dream Within A Dream' by Edgar Allan Poe has been used, in a German translation. The song starts off with a dramatic and melancholic neoclassic tune before it turns into nice epic martial music. The song fades to thunder, before the first melancholic neoclassical tune starts again, now immediately accompanied by a vocalist saying the poem. This combination is continued untill the song fades out, with some more thunder. Besides this track, the only other tracks that has vocals is the second one. This track is substantially longer, nearly twice as long as the first one, and begins again with thunder and a martial tune that sounds very similar to the one from the previous track. It's not strange to think one is listening to the very same song still. The performance of the vocalist, Seigor, is very powerful, and I would like to hear more of him. If one needs to have someone to read poems out loud to music, this guy is a recommendation.

The following three songs are musical interpretations by U.B. of some more of Edgar Allan Poe works. The first two are two short horror stories, which is of course a perfect setting to create dramatic neoclassical music for. Even though 'Morella' is nearly 30 minutes long, and 'De Glocken' 22 minutes, they have plenty of variation to not become too boring. The music generally pretty interesting, but after the second and third track, the instrumental pieces feel a bit too empty and too forced for me. It's not bad music, but it is not a must have release either. It's good music to have in the background though, and probably even better when you're familiar with Edgar Allan Poe's works that have inspired the songs on this album. But for actively listening, it just doesn't really fit.

Overall, it's a pretty good start for this band in the neoclassical area of music. If they can improve, and make something that's more suitable for actively listening, this can be indeed very promising. The creativity is there, and so is the ability to produce a coherent release within a theme (Edgar Allan Poe). For now, this is only for the absolute lovers of the genre. Those with less financial possibilities, or those who just want the cream of the crop of a variety of styles, can better look somwhere else to spend their money on. Keep an eye on this band though. There's much worse stuff out there as well.


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