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Agent Side Grinder - Agent Side Grinder
Friday, February 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: symbolique

Agent Side Grinder

Artist: Agent Side Grinder Sweden

Title: Agent Side Grinder

Label: Enfant Terrible Productions Netherlands

Genre: Synthpop / Retro-electro

Let’s get back to the early eighties. Agent Side Grinder’s press release champions the old with the intention of the new yet fail to deliver afresh with their electro-lisping past. It might as well be a Cabaret Voltaire cover’s band and not the “real industrial music” so championed in their aforementioned press release.

Simple rhythms plod like an Alien Sex Fiend outtake, with thin bass lines growling repetitively to repetitive drumming and repetitively rhyming lyrical content replete with yelps and yowls. The Swedish inflected vocals slur and are half-hearted, immigrants in a Western land after a 3 month crash course in English. Each song loops the same beat, the same bass, with similar lyrics and the odd scare of noises that attempt to break up the monotony. It’s hard to imagine people still listen to this music that even back in the eighties might have been a poor attempt at copying those who managed to pull themselves out of the programmed gutter.

The production is sloppy and hailing back to the demo’s of a Sisters of Mercy bootleg, though perhaps at least on vinyl a certain crispness might attach itself to the: repetition. The mooging bass is nasal, the percussion squared by basic and retro rhythm, the vocals barely stretch a few notes save the squeals and attempts at passion. If there was a little humour like Alien Sex Fiend it might well be enjoyed tongue in cheek, but its seriousness is a shocker.

This promo came on a crappy CDr and is intended as an LP release. As such nothing can be said of the actual release. Even if an LP was sent in for review, it would have been tossed along with this cheap (figurative and literal) piece of plastic.

Avoid at all costs.


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