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[distopia] - Non Entity
Friday, February 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: S:M:J63

Non Entity

Artist: [distopia] Greece

Title: Non Entity

Label: Rottingham Greece

Genre: Dark Ambient / Industrial / Noise / Rhythmic

01 Obscure
02 Project: Prozac
03 Maimstream
04 Born Asunder
04 Bloodline
06 Smoke Screen
07 Industrial Solvent Overdose (OD mix)
08 Non
09 Entity
10 Untopia
11 8mm
12 HBV

[distopia] is an Athens, Greece based artist by the name of Obs:cure and his speciality seems to be deeply dark dystopian miamas of black swirling atmospherics, occult ambiences and rumbling beats. Judging from the press release accompanying this CD-r Obs:cure funnels all his spite and bile for this world we live in into his music and while there are a lot of good ideas and songs here I am not sure that it quite hangs together successfully in totality. There again, maybe I had been a bit spoilt by the previous disc I had reviewed (Noisewerrrrk’s ‘Misanthropy is a Virtue’) which was a truly monstrous slice of blackened misanthropy that hit the nail right on the head and as dark as this is in its own way it didn’t quite achieve locking into the groove of venomous anger that the other disc had.

But I am being grossly unfair here to the creator and it’s not his fault that his disc had the misfortune to be the one to be reviewed after that Noisewerrrrk effort – certainly it’s not a bad record by any stretch and it is in all fairness a different interpretation of a similar misanthropic philosophy to Noisewerrrrk’s and definitely has its positive points. There’s no denying that Obs:cure holds a grudge against what he sees as a decaying society in an equally decaying world. Utilising a well-stocked musical arsenal, which include the usual samples, electronics, guitars, crunchy rhythms and effects, [dystopia] fires off vomit-soaked salvos at all and sundry, presumably in an effort to exorcise the demons so to speak. There’s a gargantuan and behemothic quality to this set of songs as they lumber along at an unstoppably monolithic pace, careering off and forcibly pushing away everything that lies in its path.

Particular tracks that got my blood pumping were track three ‘Maimstream’, a brooding distorted guitar track disinterred from the earth’s very bowels and propelled along by some quickfire breakbeats; the rasping militaristic industrial crunch and vehemence of ‘Industrial Solvent Overdose (OD mix)’, a piece that constantly threatens to collapse in on itself under its own gravity and which finally implodes at the very last; the Delerium-like chill-out ambience of ‘Non’; the angry machine-gun spitting of the percussive follow-on track ‘Entity’, chunks of flesh being ripped from bones and flying off in all directions; and finally the track that really made me feel like stomping around the room with arms a-flailing (I refrained from doing so as it would have alarmed the cats somewhat), the penultimate track ‘8mm’, a maelstrom of metallic noise allied to a monstrous scattershot beat that sounds like Obs:cure was being chased by the very devil himself.

Okay, so this is a mostly successful album, where a good proportion of the pieces are fine examples of rhythmic dark ambient, spoilt somewhat by some tracks of lesser quality, but at the end of the day it’s very accessible and ticks all the right boxes if you like this sort of music. Like I say not all of it was for me but those tracks I enjoyed genuinely had my feet tapping and my head nodding – it has to be said that it’s very rare that I find an album where I can’t find something of merit within. Let it be said that this is a generally good album that I felt happened to include a few flatspots.


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