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Henry WIlliams - The Mark Of The Beast And Other Fun Facts
Friday, February 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: S:M:J63

The Mark Of The Beast And Other Fun Facts

Artist: Henry Williams United States

Title: The Mark Of The Beast And Other Fun Facts

Label: Milkbeep United States

Genre: Rhythmic 'Industrial'

01 The Sand
02 Butt Mod
03 Starch
04 Hapedals (Scab)
05 Ito

Five tracks (plus a hidden one on track 99) of surprisingly poppy rhythmic dance from Chicago’s Henry Williams that wears its influences on its sleeves. Comprised of stutterbeats and catchy electronic melodies, this is both very listenable and danceable music; in fact I would place this firmly in pop territory rather than industrial, there’s absolutely nothing overtly aggressive about any of the pieces on here (although track four ‘hapedals’ actually comes the closest to it – it is in fact a remix of a song by fellow Milk Beep artist Captain Marmalade) or anything remotely offensive.

There’s really nothing much to say here – it’s quite light and fluffy in presentation with only the beats giving any teeth to the music. But before anyone accuses me of journalistic laziness I will say that despite its lightness and pop sensibilities it’s actually quite an enjoyable album nonetheless. The opener ‘the sand’ reminds me of early Depeche Mode with its sweet electronic keyboard refrain and is probably my favourite track on this album. The follow on track ‘butt mod’ has the flavour of recent Kraftwerk enveloping it. The remix song is the closest to ‘proper’ industrial with some additional crunch and fuzz. And then it’s back to ‘ito’, with some hints of euro-pop thrown in somewhere in the middle section for good measure.

Now I may be missing the point with all this.... either it is just what it appears to be, a selection of breakbeat-lite and electro dance tunes or it may in fact be some kind of post-modern ironic statement; quite possibly it was inadvertently sent to the wrong ‘zine. If it is irony then it’s so high-flown that it has soared over my head entirely. Whatever it turns out to be though if I have to admit to a liking for one or two of the tracks on here; it may not even be suitable for the parameters of HH’s remit or the tastes of most of its readers but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s a pleasant listen and is most definitely easy on the ears. However rhythmic it may be though, the one thing is that it is ABSOLUTELY and DEFINITELY NOT industrial.

(One thing I will point out though is that Milk Beep must really brush up on their quality control – on the back of the CD it gives the catalogue number as 010 but the website definitively lists it as 009. Someone slipped up there).


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