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Michael Thomas Jackson / Marc Zajack / Brian Osborne - Mixed Casette
Friday, February 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Ivan Afanasiev

Michael Thomas Jackson / Marc Zajack / Brian Osborne - Mixed Casette

Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: Michael Thomas Jackson / Marc Zajack / Brian Osborne - Mixed Casette

Label: Heat Retention Records United States

Genre: Free Noise / Free Improv / Experimental

Snake Side
01 Miles Runs The Batteries Down
02 Mucus Caverns
03 Fare Thee Well Fairy Morsel

Blank Side
01 Gang Bang
02 Feedback Love
03 Mucho Ouzo
04 Lou Rawls Memorial Percussion Orchestra

This cassette release presents mixed works which are a result of collaboration between three artists. They are Michael Thomas Jackson, Marc Zajack and Brian Osborne. All of them are more or less popular and pretty active in American DIY free improv & free noise scene. In fact, there is no track on the cassette where all of them play together, it's more like a mixtape containing lives, mixes and reworks.

Michael Thomas Jackson is from North Carolina (previously Memphis). He runs Primecuts Recordings and used to run Xkurzhen Sound (founded in 1985). His projects and collaborations include Eugene Chadbourne, Katsuyuki Itakura, Thomas Dimuzio, O.N.E., Skoweyajeed, Rompecabeza, Viktimized Karcass, Zan Hoffman, Hal McGee, Rafael Flores, David Fox, Ian Davis, Choptsicks, Bruce Eisenbeil, Chris Phinney, Jerry's Finger, George Steeltoe Ensemble, Isolation, Spool Ensemble and many others. He's a multi-instrumentalist.

Marc Zajack hails from Philadelphia. He stands behind Deep Fried Tapes (limited and short run cassettes, of course) and different projects (Sharks with Wings, Pima Group, George Steeltoe Ensemble, Blastocyst, Drunk Decade, Doo Doo Butter and Antler Piss).

Brian Osborne plays percussion. He is active for about 15 years now and is more into New Music. The current projects are George Steeltoe Ensemble, Blastocyst, Paper Leg(s) and DOSDEDOS.

One can see an addiction to cassette noise and improv scene in this release (ha, each artist prefers to be released on tape or vinyl and 2 out of 3 run cassette labels). As usual, the cassette is simply and a bit not carefully done: screenprinted black and white cover and copied paper inside, clear white tape with a snake on one side. Kinda "simply beautiful".

The sound of different compositions and reworks always changes: from screaming electronic chaos to lovely feedback. Snake Side is opened with powerful free-noise mixing high and low tones together which is several tracks long. Then we hear some drones and some more free noise with lots of percussion clash and scratching sounds plus some voice.

The beginning of Blank side succeeds to completely suck you in this noise whirlwind, then Michael Thomas Jackson gives you some love. Feedback Love. That's how the track's called. Live feedback is mixed with dizzy scratches and clicks and causing vertigo-like effects. And it has this stange drums part in the end. Hell, yeah! Bizzare and really great percussion (with MTJ fucking a cassette) ends the tape.

All in all, fan stuff, without a doubt. Grab it if you're into. But if you're not - it's still simple and cool.


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