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Magnum 38 Interview; Klick Klick
Friday, February 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Sage


Heathen Harvest:  Greetings and thanks for taking on this interview.  Can you start by giving us a rundown on the history of Magnum 38?

Oliver Greschke: 
I played in different punk/wave bands, but it got more and more bored with the restrictions of that kind of music, bored with rock music in general. And at the same moment I got totally blown away by electronic music which I was starting to discover around the same time. So I decided to make my own music without having to make any compromises with other band members.

HH:  You hail from Berlin.  Is the IDM scene there pretty big?  Do you collaborate with any other artists in the city or abroad?

OG:  I think Berlin has the biggest Electronic Music scene at the moment. IDM … mh, there’s not a big hipe about that music at the moment. Many interesting acts combine independent Folk-/Rock- with electronic sounds. I did some collaborations with singers and I will do again.

HH:  Tell us the meaning behind the band name, Magnum 38.

OG:  A joke.

HH:  Your music is influenced by punk rock and old school goth rock though your music doesn't seem to incorporate much of these sounds.  Were you ever part of punk or gothic groups?

OG:  Yes, as I said above I played Guitar in bands. But I think, what I did before with bands has nothing to do with magnum38, except for the love for energetic and dirty sounds. This love is my “motor” for making music.

  Was the hamster video on your myspace page done by yourself?

OG:  No it was done by “blackdata”, some movie/graphic dudes from Hamburg. I never saw them, but what they did exactly fit to this song. A dream.

HH: You seem to have a pretty intense live show.  Can you tell us what the most memorable show you've played is and why?

OG:  I was cool to play in Japan last year. People really go crazy there.

HH:  Do you have any upcoming shows or events?

OG:  Yea, live shows will start again in March/April. Before I will do some new tracks and some remixes.

Do you have any upcoming colaborations to announce?

OG:  I will do some collaborations again with singers.

HH:  You have a handful of releases under your belt, most mainly on Shitkatapult.  Are you somewhat of a partner with this label?  They seem to support you with a lot of effort.  You've also been on more compilations than I can probably count on both hands.  Why do you contribute to so many?  Most seem to have been on Shitkatapult as well, which probably means you've been on more Shitkatapult releases than not!

OG:  I am too lazy to look for other labels.  :)  And I like what they do a lot. Where else can you listen to such different stiles of music?  Most labels are specialized...on minimal music...or something else, not like that at shitkatapult. People there listen to a lot of different music they are open!

HH:  What does the future hold for Magnum 38?

OG:  Make musick make musick make musick.

HH:  You're also known as "C Vidic" under which you released the Disko Toni single on Musick.  Why did you choose to go with this label for this release?

OG:  I think you got something wrong. C.Vidic is a friend and was the singer on “Disco Toni”.

HH:  What does C Vidic's music sound like?  

OG:  I would say it’s more dancy fancy sound. :)

HH:  Can we expect to see more releases under this alias?

You have to ask her!


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