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Wach - The End of All Dreams
Tuesday, January 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: G.P.

The End of All Dreams

Artist: Wach Austria

Title: The End of All Dreams

Label: Klangfeld Seuchentrieb Tonproduktion Germany

Genre: Dark Ambient


01 Welcome to the...
02 ...Freakshow
03 Wie Kalter Stein
04 Domination Desire
05 The Long Goodbye
06 Strange Kind of Evilness
07 Vortex 4
08 Kyrill

“The End of All Dreams” is Wach’s second release and the follow up album to the mini CD “The Fear”. Featuring eight tracks and running around 45 minutes, this one-man Austrian project presents dark ambient mixed with higher resonating frequencies that provide the album with a bleak futuristic feel.

I first heard Wach very recently when I reviewed the “Der Gegner ist die Zeit” compilation. The sole track Wach provided for that compilation was excellent so I was pretty excited to be able to review a full album by the artist. I find Wach to be very atmospheric. This is definitely an album that you can throw on and get completely lost in for 45 minutes.

Even though Wach’s music would fall into the category of dark ambient, there is a lot more going on than minimal drifting noises. Dark minimal passages are actually the minority on “The End of All Dreams” and are usually more of a backdrop to the other layers of sound or they are used as transition passages. Wach actually relies a lot on higher frequencies and futuristic sci-fi themed noises that help to build the tense and dark atmosphere. I really like when an artist melds all their songs together so the album comes across as one seamless experience, which is exactly what Wach does on “The End of All Dreams”. Because all the songs on “The End of All Dreams” blend into one another to give the impression of one long song, it makes the listener’s experience so much more cohesive and concrete allowing the idea of a themed album about the end of dreams to really take effect.

“The End of All Dreams” is a suiting title as this music seems to capture the feeling of a hopeless future and the end of all things. This album would be the perfect accompaniment to a video portraying the destruction of modern civilization leaving behind a grim future. “The End of All Dreams” is dark and bleak but has more than enough going on to keep the listener interested. The songs are constantly changing and shifting and each one presents a little something new that the previous songs did not. I would recommend almost any fan of dark ambient or industrial to give Wach’s “The End of All Dreams” a listen. This is an excellent CD that should appeal to a wide variety of people into the underground music scene.


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