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Clint Listing Interview Pt. III; Season of Destruction
Tuesday, January 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Sage

Cling Listing Interview Pt. III

Heathen Harvest:  Greetings Clint and thank you for giving us this third round of interviews. The last time we caught up with you was in October of '06. If there are questions that have been asked from us multiple times I must appologize -- It is indeed hard to keep track at times. I'd like to start out with this interview by asking you what have you been through and accomplished as a musician and as a person in the last year?

Clint Listing: 1st off thank you for the 3rd time in the interviewed seat it's an honour for sure. Personally I moved from Florida and Bought my 1st home in Raleigh NC area. That is a big one. Ive also been lucky enough to release 2 collab releases with Kenji Siratori and Maor Appelbaum and a Full length As All Die CD . Last but not least As All Die performed at Raganokia with Changes, The Lindbergh Baby, Thomas Nöla and Life Toward Twilight. It was a great time by all.

HH:  How well has your split with Kenji Siratori (Death Explosion Records) been received? Your collaboration with Maor Appelbaum?

CL:  The title of the Collab with Kenji is " Death Explosions" its on Kenji's label Hyper-Modern and I released the "Mouring Duet" Collab on my own Absolute Zero Media label. Both are starting to get interesting press and are through Autumn Wind Productions for North America . I know there moving them so its all a winning way for my new solo career. There both limited to 300 and 500 copies there very underground works to get new experimental releases to the ones that love Drone and Avant Industrial music.

HH:  You've also had an album come out under your As All Die monker this year on Dying Empylver Productions entitled Failure of Human Spirit. Have the sales on this album met your liking so far? Again, how has the underground accepted this release?

CL:  This is a catch 22 for me As our CD before this " Victory" came on the now closed Flood the Earth Records. That did amazing!!!!. " Failure of Human Spirit" Came out on Chinese label and were many promotional and distro nightmares. I know places like Cold Spring, Cyclic Law and Autumn Wind carry it. When the distro's get it they sell but it take  that label months to even get promos out. I feel it maybe re issued as this is sold much less then i thought it should. The reviews all but Terrorizer loved the CD so I've very pleased.  Most responses have been its out best release since " Time of war and conflict"

HH:  What are the plans for Absolute Zero Media in 2008?

CL:   Well 1st off 2007 will be ending with a bang on New Years Eve  Clint listing/ Noir Magnetik- Two Worlds Collide-CD will be out in 2008 its still A mystery other then a new project of Saint ov Gravediggers (Ordo Tryannis. Grim Pig) and myself called Black Depths, Grey Waves in early 2008. I would called Occultist Black Noise.  I want to release 2-3 releases on label in 08 so will have to wait and see.

Tell us a bit about this upcoming split with Changes.

CL:   That came about from meeting Nicholas and Robbert at Raganokia. We hit it off well and spent 2 nights together talking about everything. A few weeks later I asked them if they wanted to work on a split and they did. We were working on a Nov 08 release but Robert just has a new child so were looking at early/Mid 08 for this it will be well worth it both bands are doing a few new tracks it will be pure Martial Neo Folk here. It will be out on Autumn Wind Productions so be on the look out.

HH:  Is Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds still active? We haven't seen a new release (at least here at Heathen Harvest) since your '06 split with Dense Vision Shrine.

Broken Hands has become my solo work as I'm really a solo artist on all Broken Hands releases I figured why hide behind a project and let the world know its me doing this . Clint Listing " My Father, My Keeper" is my debut solo CD coming in Feb 08 on Autumn Wind Productions its the continuation of work with Avant Jazz, Post Rock and Ambient sounds. Be on the look out for this .

Could you tell us a bit about new projects you've been involved in (both as member and guest), as well as if there are any current new collaborations in the works?

CL:   Well you know about  "Black Depths, Grey Waves" coming I also have collabs with N Imperial (Krieg, Nil) and Ross Hagen (Encomiast) they both have my side of the project there working on there ends and will see when they come to be could be a month or could be a year then there ready there ready.  Im working on a new Doom Metal project with members of Arbeit think (Think Thergothon, Evoken, Catacombs) it will be 3 to 4 songs all 10 mins plus. That what's going on in that front.

How did the collaborations and splits with Maor Appelbaum and Kenji Siratori come about? Were they both good experiences?

CL:   It was very simple in 06 I asked Kenji if he wanted to work together and he said yes and with Maor he asked me about a collab and I said yes. The work with both Kenji and Maor was very easy there were issues with getting the collab with Kenji out but its there now and I think is its one of his better collabs. With Maor he and I worked well together and I think there will be another in future I know he wants too. Just have a lot on my plate and can't look that far in the future just yet.

HH:  Have there ever been any other people involved in the music of As All Die besides Aries? Do you ever work with or plan to work with additional session musicians?

Yes As All Die started out with Greg Ball of my old band Long Winters Stare helping me on percussion and strings, My old friend John Riendeau did some vocals on " Time of war and conflict "as well. On the next Full Length As All Die "Rebirth and Renewal Effect" Aries and I will have Astrid percussionist of Arbeit help on a few tracks that will be out on Autumn Wind in Fall 08. Other then that will have to wait and see.

HH:  What is Aries currently involved with outside of As All Die?

Aries has 2 solo projects he creates the best in my opinion is Noir Magentik which will have a split out with my solo works on new years eve is a mix of old 70's/80's UK/ German industrial and dark noise elements. The other is called Power through Will  and that is more a ritualistic/occult  ambient/ dark industrial creation both have myspace pages check them out.

HH:  I've noticed you're currently looking to book shows for a short Northeast tour with Arbeit! this Spring. Are there plans for any kind of nationwide tour in the works? If not, would you like to attempt a nation-wide tour one day?

CL:   Yes its going from 3 shows to looks like 7 shows on east and west coast. The core bands on the tour look to me Arbeit , As All Die, Black Seas of Infinity and Clint Listing. We are working on shows for  Boston, NYC, Phillie, Salt Lake UT, Seattle, Portland and San Fran. This will be from End of April into 1st week of May 2008 . Look at As All Die myspace site for confirmed show which one is for NYC right now . Its not nationwide but more then I hoped for so were all happy.

HH:  After a disappointing score in Terrorizer Magazine, you have claimed that the new music you've been writing has been influenced largely by Jester Records. Could you fill us in more in depth as to the style and nature of the music that we'll be hearing?

CL:   As All Die with the split from Changes is really moving away from Martial music as a whole. Aries and I have been wanting to had more of a Dark Trip hop, Noise and Pop to the music. Terrorizer has nothing to do with change is music as its been over 2 yrs in the making. We will be using live strings, drums and male and female choruses on the new CD. The reason I use Jester records as if you can image elements of Ulver and When in the current As All Die sound you will have something close to were at. You can only sing of war and conquest for so long and we've done it for 10 yrs now

HH:  Keeping this in mind, the new album is entitled "Rebirth and Renewal Effect" which has also been said to be a "drastic change in sound and theme". Just how deep do these changes go? Did you feel the need to change sound because of the review in Terrorizer or because you as a human felt the need to move on from your previous themes?

CL:   Terrorizer is just one reviewer most of the reviews have been very very good . We as a band just need the change or will end up not making music under As All Die anymore its that simple. As I said above its a major change some will love some will hate but As All Die has always been love hate from day one. Were one misunderstood project.

HH:  I'd now like to ask a few quesitons concerning your earlier project Long Winters' Stare as I have been a fan for a number of years now. As of today, do you still keep in contact with Greg and Deidra? Where have they moved onto musically? Personally?

CL:   Long Winters Stare is Dead long Dead. Greg and I stop talking years ago we when two different way. Greg was on the last Autumn Tears CD on Dark Symphonies and I know he was working on project called " Sound of Enoch" other then that I don't know. Deidra and I talk on myspace from time to time The both still live in New England I live in North Carolina now its just different paths. Deidra is working with some metal music in Boston area that's the last I know of. I would love to see her on tour in Boston I sure she will come. She has a little girl now too were all getting older lol huh.

HH:  Lord Imperial from the now infamous USBM band Krieg did a guest spot on Tears of Odin's Fallen -- what exactly did he do on this release, and why have you not collaborated with him further? Why was he in particular asked to come in for a guest spot?

CL:   Imperial played guitar on both " Before the Dawn" and " Tears of Odins Fallen" and did some backing vocals. Imperial and I are working on a project together as I said in question earlier. N. Imperial was asked as He and I are long time friends and we stayed with him both times we recorded at the studio in South NJ  . Imperial has and always will be a brother to me.

HH:  Why did the project meet its end? Do you ever plan to work with Greg or Deidra again?

CL:  LWS ended because Greg no longer wanted to play extreme metal at all. I have no plans on working with either again as those days were wonderful and tragic and I can not go through that again.

HH:  What became of your relationship with Dark Symphonies Records?

CL:   Ted and I from Dark Symphonies just started talking again and will see what happens again time heals all wounds they say and I think I agree to a point. I wish DS success esp with their new sub-label  The Moors are an amazing band. As for relationship I stopped playing metal and that's a metal label so cross the T's and it all makes sense.

HH:  What was Long Winter's Stare's primary theme?

CL:  Main theme was that of creating Dark Fantasy Metal with a Doom and Prog element. At the end I because at one with my Germanic heathen beliefs and that is why " Tears of Odin's Fallen" is lyrical and musical in that manner.

HH:  Is there any chance of seeing this project given rise to again in the future?

CL:   Never in my mind .

HH:  In 2005, you played a part in the Arizona-based project A Darkened Sea. What has become of this project? Are there any further plans for it?

CL:   LOL A Darkened Sea was my old friend Ryan Michalski and I going into  Punchy's DOW Studios outside Tampa  and making 3 metal songs to shop to labels to see if there was any interests. We got one interested label but the magic was just gone by then that was just a 2-3 month moment in time.  Some day those songs will be on a CD of my long and confusing musical career .

HH:  What are the other two musicians involved with today?

CL:   Ryan owns Sliver Dragons Games in Tampa that last I talked to him about 3 months ago and Punchy owns DOW Studios in Tampa Fl area.

HH:  Thank you for this interview Clint! This space is for you to talk about anything you need to get off your chest about the past year or the future of your projects/label. Please feel free.

CL:   2007 has been a struggle again but I'm still breathing . I hope you will all support Absolute Zero Media and all I create still. Thank you for the fans out there as you are always supportive and amazing to meet. I want to say Ryan we need Ragnarokia II and support Autumn Wind Productions without them I would have quit music. Finally Thank you to all at Heathen Harvest Magazine for the years of support.

Remember being Conservative is not being Republican.


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